Stoke fan here in peace…

Hello folks – Stoke fan here in peace. 


I work on the ‘Duck’ fanzine and I’m planning a different type of article for our next issue – out whenever something approaching normal matchdays return to our lives once more. 


I aim to ask supporters of several clubs 5 questions about their perceptions of Stoke City in order a to create a big feature article “Us and Them.”  For the following questions, feel free to answer in varied depth/ brevity but a couple of sentences at least for each is ideal: 

  1. 1. Generally how do you see Stoke City the club – a rival? Non-entity? Certain type of club? Disdain? Admiration? Pity?! As a fixture – is it of general appeal? 

  1. 2. Are there any Stoke players/ teams that have made an impression on you over the years?  

  1. 3. Are there matches between your team and Stoke you recall hating/ loving? 

  1. 4. In home / away matches, what have you made of the Stoke support? Any particular memories? 

  1. 5. The Victoria Ground/ The New One – what did/ do you make our of our home ground(s)’ the grounds? Any particular experiences or impressions? 


Given our reputation over the years, this could be a risk but then again, it would be great if I could glean a diverse range of honest/ diverse/ cutting/ funny/ serious or even complimentary views 


If you can be arsed, thanks for your time.  


Take care of yourselves, 

Lee Hawthorne @ORFYDUCKMAG 

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