Swansea (h) protest announcement: Stand Up To Ashley

AshleyOut.com reflects on a successful start of the Ashley Out campaign. In the two weeks since its launch, our website has attracted over 120,000 visitors and 800,000 pageviews, we have backed a match boycott heeded by many (numbers reported vary from 5,000 to 20,000 with the true number probably somewhere in between) and organised protests attended by thousands of fans outside St. James’ Park. Most importantly though, we have seen a vast increase of awareness for Mike Ashley’s failed ownership of Newcastle United in the local and national media and amongst fans who were previously resigned to apathy. These fans have now hopefully found a vehicle to express their profound dissatisfaction with the situation the club finds itself in, which is essentially one of a proud sporting institution transformed into a giant advertising vehicle.

With just six days in between the home games vs Spurs and Swansea, we have not had much time to prepare a new protest, but we are pleased to announce our plans today. As before, we will back any fan who continues to boycott the game to make a stand (#BoycottSwansea). For those fans wishing to attend the Swansea game, we request them to #StandUpToAshley after 34 minutes of the game, to represent the fact that having no manager and a threadbare squad devoid of quality, yet having £34m in the bank is not an acceptable situation.

Secondly, from 12:30pm on Saturday we will target Sports Direct stores within a 20 mile radius of St. James’ Park and their flagship Oxford Street store by means of a peaceful protest. Further details regarding this protest will be released shortly but we wish to emphasise that this must be a peaceful protest and is aimed at Mike Ashley and the shareholders of Sports Direct International plc. This protest is not aimed at the innocent staff members often working with minimal employment rights on zero hours contracts and they must be respected and supported at all times. This protest will be coordinated with supporters of Rangers Football Club who will target stores in the vicinity of Ibrox.

The boycott for the Spurs game was only the start. We would like to widen the campaign at this stage to include Mike Ashley’s main interest, which is Sports Direct and affiliated companies and will shortly be launching a new section on our website dedicated to things every fan can do to ensure that Mike Ashley’s involvement becomes an ever-less profitable one for him and his companies. This new campaign will be known as #AshleyEmbargo

Onwards and upwards!

Target stores:
Sports Direct Oxford Street 275.1 miles
Sports Direct Northumberland Street 0.39 miles
Sports Direct Newcastle – Gateshead Trinity 1.13 miles
Sports Direct Newcastle – Gateshead 2.20 miles
Sports Direct Kingston Park 3.08 miles
Sports Direct Newcastle – Team Valley 3.57 miles
Sports Direct Newcastle – Silverlink 5.65 miles
Sports Direct Washington 6.29 miles
Sports Direct South Shields 7.68 miles
Sports Direct Sunderland Gateway 10.41 miles
Sports Direct Sunderland 10.59 miles
Sports Direct Durham 13.66 miles
Sports Direct Ashington 14.55 miles
Lillywhites Dalton Park LW 14.80 miles
Sports Direct Peterlee 18.86 miles


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Class lads.
This is the right way forward. Targeting his business interests. On the issue of Sports Direct workers i think we should think about supporting them if they want to organise and unionise within Sports Direct. they are amongst the worst treated employees in the country and this would be morally right and also effective for us.
I think a good idea before the end of the season would be a stay behind after the game. Congregate at one end after the match with banners or even on the pitch and refuse to leave for a given amount of time.
Will there be flyers or posters available for this protest that can be picked up?
I think this is a fantastic way forward. PS, the Sports Direct AGM is in September and Ashley must attend. It is and open to all shareholders. One share cannot cost that much. 🙂
Also #Occupy tactics seemed to work for UKUncut etc. #OccupySportsDirect?
LA Toon
Excellent idea asking the fans who for some reason continue to attend the games, to stand up on 38 minutes. As a expat residing in the US I am so despondent about how the club is being run and run into the ground!! I usually go to a game when I visit Newcastle, however this May I will not be attending the Leicester game on the 2nd May. Keep up the good work guys and I hope St. James Park is empty at the next home game.
Sadly it won’t be, the “flock” is still too big.
Carol Sinclair Burr
what about sports direct team valley gateshead
Ikea Out!
What about Ikea?
I’m not sure a protest outside a Sunderland store is the brightest thing to do really!!
Billy Blagger
Great Stuff from AO. Toon fans need to watch “the Secrets of Sports Direct” – a Channel 4 Dispatches Expose on Monday night at 8.00pm.
New programme -the Dispatches team go undercover to expose Mr Tubbs dodgy dealings.
Expats -watch it on Filmon TV or any Live TV Streaming website.
Great stuff lads. This has really given us hope. Idea for the next one we could try #promotejdsports and give them some free advertising using flyers or stick them over wonga label on the shirt. Ashley hates them with a passion!
Brilliant. Love it ….!
You really are a complete set of knackers ain’t you?
Steve Scott
Mike is that you?
40 thou home fans wearing Dave Whelan masks would be the cherry on top.
This is beyond pathetic . It’s petulant . I know Sunderland and Newcastle have their rivalry , and only the morons actually fight over it , but isn’t this getting a little …… silly ? We get it , they have beat you 5 times in a row in the North East Derbys and you are not happy about it . But face the facts , you are not a big club …. ok ? You are not a big club . You are safe in the Premier League , and have £34million to play with . Ashley is a very rich man , and maybe if you actually supported him and got behind your team for once the atmosphere would change at Newcastle United . As for arranging mobs to invade his Sports Direct stores , you are launching a personal assault on Mr Ashley and attempting to sabotage his business . I would tread very carefully if I was you , as this could turn into a legal matter , one that you will lose . I guarantee that there will be trouble , idiots attacking people and throwing stuff around/robbing the stores , that’s just the mentality of Newcastle fans . Take these protests and the rioting as an example . It’s a sport , It isn’t worth any of this trouble . It’s about time some people got over their ego and grew up . — I’d just like to add that this article is horrendous , the author has clearly attempted to appear intellectual and failed on so many levels . This one is a corker – “For those fans wishing to attend the Swansea game , we request them to #StandUpToAshley ” . This whole thing reeks of ego and little man syndrome , please , for your own sake , get a life lads you’re being laughed at by the whole sporting community . I will say this again , Newcastle United is NOT a big club .
Red Ray
Is this Mike’s second official statement in 8 years? You know, there’s a whole website to explore young lad. Just the smallest amount of research would make you feel silly about saying any of that, right, I’m half asleep, your comments are based on nothing. Time to get the day started #Ashleyout
Your delusion knows no limits. This is truly sad to see , and it is quite concerning to see grown men reduced to rubble over something as unimportant as a football club .If you believe that sabotaging Mike Ashley’s business is not a criminal offense you are living in fairy land mate. You people aren’t real supporters , you just want to be “special” .
Jayne Nufc
Get a life
5 in a row <3
You’re an idiot and have missed the point completely.
Actually , no . I’m sensible and happen to be observing this whole charade with a logical mind.
You’re not though. I agree that Newcastle are not a big club, we have the potential to be, but we aren’t. However, that isn’t the argument here. Mike Ashley run the club for profit only with no ambition in cups, to build a team, to support a manager etc. he doesn’t explain or communicate fans about decision or what direction it is heading in. As a Newcastle stay in the league as cheap as possible while he gets free advertising beamed all over the world, he’s happy. We know we aren’t going to win the league etc but would like a club that has some ambition to do something
No ambition in cups ? That’s the players mate , not Mike Ashley . You need to see it from his point of view , every time the Newcastle fans get upset about a certain fixture they throw mud at him and riot/protest . There was no problem when you were in the top 10 with Pardew , most of these people are screaming and crying because Newcastle aren’t collecting all the trophies and playing in Europe . And for what ? what difference does it make ? Would you really feel better forking out for flights and hotels to watch that shower of **** get obliterated by Milan or someone ? The sheer lunacy is concerning . You are not protesting against a businessman , you are literally turning your back on the club itself , cutting your nose off to spite your face . Organizing protests in order to disrupt and effectively sabotage his business will seriously backfire , the guy(s) who started this little “movement” will face legal action when this escalates . It’s foolish . And the whole country is in awe of the petulance . There are teams far worse off than Newcastle , even your rivals Sunderland have issues , they’re nearly relegated and they aren’t out in the streets demanding “glory” . Face it , the 90’s are gone , and right now Newcastle is financially stable under MIke Ashley . Also , after seeing these outright childish displays I would be highly surprised if any man would buy the club from him . You are shooting yourselves in the foot , big style .
You’re seriously missing the point. We all know there are worse of clubs than Newcastle. This hasn’t stemmed from one or two bad results over the season, or a few derby defeats. The lack of ambition comes from a lack of a squad. Players come to Newcastle as stepping stone. I wouldn’t mind if this was done properly but it isn’t. We all know football has changed and Newcastle aren’t going to be up the top again…again that isn’t the point.
You mention Sunderland being in a bad position and worse off, yet how much have they spent? At least they have an owner who seems to want to go somewhere. I don’t support a football club for being the best at balancing their books. When were top 10 with Pardew he was backed up with investment, that has stopped. I personally liked Pardew and thought he done well considering what he had to put up with from the fans and Ashley.
By the way most people would love to go to Milan to watch Newcastle even if we do get beat, that statement alone from you just proves you have no idea what football is about.
Personally think fans should stay away completely, if they keep showing up they shouldn’t complain. Most of this could of been avoided if Ashley communicated with fans.
I’m not missing the point at all …. you suffered 5 defeats to your local rivals and all of a sudden you want him out .. again . Well if football is about paying thousands of pounds to watch a very poor team backed by fickle , illogical fans , get absolutely battered and humiliated on the world stage then yes I have no idea what football is about. The North East clubs have strong roots , and the current generation of Newcastle fans are greedy mindless clowns . Demanding Mike Ashley makes diamonds out of shit is an absolute joke . I read this morning on the chronical site that Newcastle should be targeting Klopp !!!! haha . I’m a neutral so all of this is just pure entertainment to me . Its hilarious .
You are missing the point totally. I don’t agree with this group but this has being going for years not weeks. Did you watch Newcastle in Europe a few seasons ago? were we battered and humiliated? I must of missed that. You’re a total tit mate, stop trying to have an opinion on something you know nothing about. I would love to know where you got the generation of ‘greedy mindless clowns’ information from. Also Mike Ashley making diamonds out of shit? Newcastle are in the top 20 clubs financially, is that put back into the club? We are only there as a tax benefit and free advertising to Ashley, to me that isn’t what I want any football club to be.
Ask any fan if we are capable of getting Klopp and the answer will be ‘no’. Stop believing everything you read
If Newcastle are in the top 20 clubs financially then yes , obviously that is put back into the club or they wouldn’t be there . Resorting to name calling shows the calibre of the man . Newcastle have been poor for years and will continue to be poor compared to Premier League standards . I love to see how worked up you people get over a few men kicking a football , it’s funny . It really is . There’s not that many of you and there’s fans all over the internet laughing at you . Doesn’t bother me what you do or don’t get up to , I was merely pointing out that this whole thing is pathetic and reeks of little man syndrome .
You’ve just called Newcastle fans ‘greedy mindless clowns’ so I wouldn’t get on your high horse about name calling. Newcastle have been poor for years, and so we should just shut up and not want improvement you’re right, how dare we. You obviously don’t know football or anything to do with it. Newcastle aren’t screaming out to be top of the league, the problem is Ashley doesn’t care about the club, it makes him money and that’s all. If you cant understand there is something wrong with that as a FOOTBALL CLUB, not business, then stop commenting.
A football club is a business . And yes , Newcastle fans are greedy mindless clowns for having ridiculous expectations . Answer me this one single question …. who in their right mind would buy Newcastle United off of Mike Ashley ?
How am I supposed to answer that? I don’t know rich peoples financial situation or personal ambitions. You are judging Newcastle from the press and a portion of fans. I don’t have unrealistic expectations of Newcastle, and I was around for the Keegan years and that will not happen again nor will we be in the champions league. This isn’t what it is about, its about having some ambition to do something, not simply exist in the premier league.
Exist where then ? have a special league for Newcastle ? Newcastle are just like any other team slugging it out in the Premier League . No more or less important than Sunderland , Pallace , Leicester etc.
Since when did I say we are? We aren’t any more important than those clubs. I’m going to stop talking to you now, you know very little about football and newcastle
I put it to you that you do not understand football at all . You are simply clutching at straws . Your club is once again becoming a laughing stock and just like a typical geordie all you can do is try to distract from the fact that the fans are being petulant idiots and don’t even deserve the Premier League . Here’s hoping you’re somehow relegated and Boro takes your place , at least Sunderland would have a Derby worth playing .
Richard Powell Smith
“a few men kicking a football”
Is that you mam?
Nah she doesn’t play football mate.
Jayne Nufc
Kyle I take it you are receiving Mike Ashleys Wonga as your are talking a load of rubbish, if you don’t want to support the campaign then don’t , but DO NOT have a go and spread untruths about those who do, it’s pathetic, get your facts right #AshleyOUT
Oh so if i do not agree with “the facts” I am not allowed to voice my opinion ? THAT , is pathetic . And clearly I am not the one who needs to get facts right . I would like to see a logical explanation for this childish behavior yet none of you seem to have the mental capacity . Telling me I’m wrong and calling me an idiot etc. without explaining is just childish really isn’t it ?
Richard Powell Smith
haha, why are you even here fam? policing the opinions of fans of other clubs? righteous work mate keep it up
Entertainment mate . They’re seething and it’s just far too funny to ignore . I could understand if Newcastle were in debt and flat bottom of the PL but to see them crying and clutching at straws to try and justify their tantrums is hilarious and pathetic at the same time . It’s art . It truly is . 😀
Richard Powell Smith
They are in debt mate. Maybe if that £34m quid had gone towards paying some of it off then it wouldn’t have come to this.
Hardly broke though . They need to look at the likes of Rangers if they want to see how bad it can get . And they’ve actually got a few decent players who can put a shift in . The main problem is their expectations . You don’t see anyone else protesting/rioting/punching horses etc. it’s madness. At the end of the day though I’m not really that bothered what they do about it , I got a few chuckles and I’ve got a feeling there’s going to be many more . The sheer arrogance of some of them is laughable .
Kyle is clearly a mackem or a paid Ashley Shill. Best to ignore the trolls. They feed of a reaction like a parasite
Obviously …. I mean … if he doesnt knar that tha toon is mint man then he’s ashleys agent like . >.> I feel sorry for the future children of Newcastle .
You are clearly a troll Kyle.
You are on comment boards of newcastle fans taking action against Ashley and you are coming up with all sorts of nonsense about the man in order to support him and discredit the campaign.
Why are you so obsessed abut these protests if you don;t care?
I feel sorry for your mother cause you’re a son of a bitch. trololol
Oliver Mussett
“What is a club in any case?
Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it.It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes.
It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city.
It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.”
This is what NUFC is about, this is your logical solution, this is why the club needs to change, not one board member, player or member of staff thinks like this! This is why we protest!
Beautiful speech mate but pointless really. And highlights the delusion . Not one board member , player or member of staff at any club think like that . It is a money making business and they’re out to make money . Do you think Fergie cared about all that ? Like I said , the North East clubs have deep roots, and this tripe is disrespectful .
Sounds as if you giving Mic Wonga BLOWJOBS
There are paid Mike Ashley shills on some comment boards. usually quite easy to spot, talking total fucking nonsense. Kyle is probably one of them.
In fact it may only be one or two people with multiple identities. Pathetic smear campaign by Cashley
Kyle…. have you ever seen a mackem in Milan though??
Yes , actually .
I’m not entirely sure what your agenda is.
Are you trying to irritate Newcastle fans generally, by saying “Newcastle United is NOT a big club” and that everyone, with the exception of yourself, is delusional.
Are you attempting to devalue the #BoycottSpurs movement by suggesting that people that boycotted the Spurs game then resold their tickets.
Or are you just in here to threaten people with comments like ” I would tread very carefully if I was you , as this could turn into a legal matter , one that you will lose . I guarantee that there will be trouble”
or “Organizing protests in order to disrupt and effectively sabotage his business will seriously backfire , the guy(s) who started this little “movement” will face legal action when this escalates”
Or are you just concerned for our well-being
“This is truly sad to see , and it is quite concerning to see grown men reduced to rubble over something as unimportant as a football club”
You’re a neutral and apparently you “read this morning on the chronical site”. Not quite sure what the Chronical is ….Perhaps you means the Chronicle.
Funny thing is that you have spent more time in here ranting than anyone else. If you can’t understand it, then don’t comment about it. Unless of course you’re getting paid to rant?
Surely there are bigger issues you could spend your time on:
The death of thousand of migrants attemptnig to cross over the Mediterranean to Europe.
Global warming
or if we’re keeping it to football, how about the massive injustices that occurred at Hillsborough.
But no ….you decide to attack the Ashleyout campaign started up by Real Newcastle Fans that are truely concerned about the plight of their club and got off their backsides to do something about it, right or wrong.
Newcastle United is our club.
NOT Ashleys.
George Caulkin couldn’t have said it better
“Ashley owns Newcastle, but he is not Newcastle. He is not the blessed air in that stadium, the air that you breathe and which your relatives and friends and idols inhaled and exhaled before you. He is not the club. The club is your memories, the club is inside you, that power, that meaning, that identity, that black and white beauty, those long bus journeys, those bleary mornings and late nights, belonging and feeling, loving and hurting. Those good days. Your family. Your club. The club is you.”
Mhm sure getting paid to rant . You really are sad pathetic wastes of oxygen pal . I’m just here to laugh at you 😀 there was no boycott of spurs , it was a failure . If you’re going to resell your ticket then whats the point ? Newcastle United legally belongs to Mike Ashley , it is not your club or you wouldn’t be crying about ownership . You really are delusional beyond belief . Please continue , please do , I’ll laugh when you’re all arrested for attacking his businesses . Idiots .
You really have lost the plot here Kyle.
It’s not about monetary ownership.
Clearly you’re not a football fan.
You don’t understand what all this is all about !!
Quite why you’re spending so much time in here is beyond me.
Lets just get a couple of facts straight.

  1. Nobody boycotts a football game and then resells their ticket.
  2. There was a boycott of the spurs game!
    Even with the “official” attendance it was our lowest of the season.
  3. Thousands of season ticket holders stayed away. Look at the photos!!
    If you understood what it is to be a Newcastle United Fan you would understand the heart wrenching dilemma you have to go through to stay away from a game when you have a ticket in your pocket.
    It’s football , grow up . The boycott was a failure , and the attendance figures are not taken from the turnstiles at the wongadome , they openly admit to counting ticket sales . People were reselling their tickets , and for the love of god give your head a shake . How can you not see just how delusional all of this “my heart belongs to tha toon” BS is . It’s football , your job is more important , wake up .
    The next thing you’ll be denying that Adam Johnson has been taken into custody for kiddy fiddling.
    The choice isn’t between my job and Newcastle United.
    You really haven’t got a clue have you!!!
    Geoff Themagpie Robinson
    I was at #boycottspurs and hopefully at #boycottswansea but one thing I have to say and ask is those who don’t go into SJP please don’t have a go at fellow NUFC fans going in calling them “scabs or sheep” ask them to boycott all refreshments and merchandise in SJP that way if things get any worse more fans will join the boycott’s

ashleyout #maoc #time4change

Sidco Styli
I lost all support for this group when I witnessed that at last game, shouting scum and singing we can see u sneaking out to attendees of the game was nothing short of disgraceful. This is not uniting the fans!! And for the record, there was merely 300 protesters outside and they acted like a bunch of fucking Morons!! Ashley In!
I’d like to add that a majority of the “protestors” re-sold their tickets and lined up in club merchandise bought from Mike Ashley’s business . Rather odd .
Sidco Styli
Fucking morons mate, half of them were wearing Lonsdale gear bought from Sports direct!
If you are trying to derail this campaign you can do better than slurs about people’s tracksuits.
If you don;t support it, fine, go and support Ashley, but smearing people is just grubby
Sidco Styli
Send me your email and I’ll send you footage of protesters calling attendees of the game scum and singing we can see you sneaking out! I was there, I video’d it!
Wow! it really upset you didn’t it? I advise you see your local GP where they can arrange some counselling for you. Get yourself pulled around again so you can enjoy going to the match and seeing the magnificent Gouffran and Mike Williamson playing their part in another gutless defeat
mickey667 I would not be giving your email address out to anyone mate. Sidco Styli can put it on youtube if she wants to prove her point.
You’re a mackem aren’t you? What a sad pathetic, case. Not a mackem? Even worse then, you’re deliberately trying to undermine a group getting off their arses to do something to help move on this man bringing the club down whilst you suck it up yourself.
They resold them? No they didn’t. How on earth would you know that? There were 20,000 empty seats. Who the fuck did they re-sell them to, The invisible man?
If you are going to come on here with an agenda to derail this campaign, then at least don;t make your lies so obvious
How do you know? Did you ask them? You never asked me. If you’re a Mag I’d find that a bit odd. Some sad people out there obviously including you.
“I lost all support for this group when I witnessed that at last game, shouting scum”
Incas there and this did not happen. I heard a couple of people calling people sheep but this was a tiny minority. Handful of people.
You clearly have never supported this campaign and are now set on smearing it. Are you a paid shill of Ashley? Because he has some on our comment boards.
Sidco Styli
Ok mate send me your email address and I show you the videos I have to proof what I’m saying. You obviously we’re not in the group of only 300 protesters as you would know that this is this case. And yes don’t think for one minute that there is any point in boycotting a game so you’ve got that one right. So send me us email and I’ll send you what I witness as proof that the only scum on that day were the boycotters.
SOME of the boycotters……!
Sidco, sorry you were upset that a few fans shouted at you, well not you personally, but shouting at any groups going into the ground. I was there outside Strawberry Place, one of the morons trying to ‘showcase’, (Mike likes that word doesn’t he?) our club’s plight. I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt and I just hope that Mike Ashley doesn’t ever do anything to upset you either like create the the moribund shell that was once Newcastle United but now the Sports Direct works team. I hope he never upsets you by ever changing the name of our stadium then tarnishing the club’s reputation by getting involved with Wonga and presiding over an unnecessary relegation, numerous heavy defeats, the unprecedented 5 derby defeats, (unprecedented for us), the cup records et al, the doubling of the club’s debt under him, the expectation that the club or a new buyer would pay him the debt he created…….you know, stuff like that. You get shouted at from a hundred yards away once and it’s ‘Ashley in’? You’ve got to be on the wind up or have other motives.
Sidco Styli
Davey, that is very well said and I get everything you say and yes Ashley is a horrible cunt. Everything you say is valid and I could never argue wth that and even though I personally went to the game ( I’m not s season ticket holder) I respected what you were doing but thought to shout what you’s did in ‘scum’ and we can see you sneaking out you instantly lost my support on that one, yes be against Ashley but not fans that love the toon as much as you. You get me??
I never called anybody ‘scum’ and never heard anyone else do that either, so doubt it would’ve been anywhere near the majority singing it.
Sidco Styli
Send me your email mate and I’ll send ya the video! I was above them watching from the gallowgate, a birds eye view of them doing it.
Sidco Styli
Davey a bet your one of the cunts that bought a shirty with wonga on, something I would never do ya daft cunt!
This ‘daft cunt’ had a 1989 home umbro shirt on which doesn’t have sponsors on it nor any patches on the back. Don’t normally wear it but felt colours needed to be on show.
Sidco Styli
Cool top that like! Wear ya colours with pride!
Absaloutely spot on i have been say we need to target his slave empire. To make shareholder take notice. Any one going to peterlee store message me i live near and would love to get involved with like minded fans
Are you still going to be promoting the #boycottswansea lads? I know you have these things planned, and it is a cracking idea, but there a hell of a lot of lads wanting to boycott again. While it won;t be as big i think many will feel deflated and bit let down if its not also promoted amongst the local press and online.
Keep up the good work.


Had a strange feeling of deja vu when I was reading about the campaign to get Gordon McKeag out so the club could move forward. It seems to me what is needed is another Magpie Group. Surely there are enough Toon supporters with some dosh to come together, Brian Johnson for example, and get the Fat Controller on the road back darn south where he belongs!
keith ogle
Another boycott? U must be mad we need a full stadium behind the team we need the points!
You need to think about the future of the club mate and not just “tomorrow”.
I fully support the campaign to get rid of Ashley and joined the boycott at the Spurs. Reading the latest news on your website has left me a little confused, are you calling on another boycott of on saturday or is the main focus going to be inside the ground on the 34th min? if so would it have a better impact to have an organised walkout after the Standupto Ashley protest? please clarify
Augustus Caesar
At last… targeting his stores and his profits are a great idea but I salute you in that you ask that the staff be supported and not targeted.
The trick is this… you now have to keep this up and keep it strong… VERY strong (but legal and safe) for this tycoon to begin to get the message that he and his cronies are not wanted anywhere near here.
How about protesting near Wonga offices or their affiliates, if any, near the same mileage limit you set for SD.com
Augustus Caesar
One further point I would like to bring up… have you informed the local and national press about the shop protests in order to get a bigger impact?
I think that the present squad are not good enough for the premiership and without quality signings for next season we will be relegated. The new television deals and the massive financial gains for being in the premier league must make the businessman in Ashley realise that the club needs to buy or he will loose millions if relegated. Surely a successful club means more sales of merchandise. If these protests make him see this then it will be worth your efforts but lets not have fans falling out just because they do or don’t go to the games. We all want the same result and lets not let those sad people who post comments here, to try and get a bite get to us. A team of 11 players who wear the shirt with pride and give 100% backed by a supportive board is not such a big ask, is it?
I’ve been advocating this as a course of action – has to be peaceful and legal though.
The fact that Jabba has slashed prices for the Swansea game shows that the boycott development has his attention at the very least.
That’s why, in my view, a continued boycott of home games, his shops and all his other business interests & partners is the most important next step. I hope more will boycott than stand.
And, again, organizing for fan ownership should be the ultimate goal. Portsmouth did it. NUFC can do it too.
Ian Snakeeyes
Sky Sports have covered this story too, only inaccurately!
They’ve completely missed the point and also unusually disabled comments.
“But instead of following on from last week’s boycott of the home match against Tottenham, AshleyOut.com are appealing to fans to attend the home game against Swansea City.”
Has Ashley got in touch with Sky to advertise against the boycott? Sneaky! I hope people see past this inaccurate article. #BoycottSwansea
HWTF. Ashley OUT…………..!
for all televised games why not fill the ground with everyone chanting “JD SPORTS” for the entirety of the game. My mantra remains the same of “support the team not the regime”, so will be at the game with my daughter. Howay the Lads!
http://thechronicleofnewcastle.com Theghostof Captnkidd
SD is his love child go for its throat.
Andrew Fairhurst
if your are looking for some sports clothing and are wanting to boycott SD, you can always try something like the shopping outlet centres like Royals Quays where there is a Nike factory shop, Dalton Park has a SD, but also have an Adidas store to try and get your discounted sporting goods, and of course you can look elsewhere, just a suggestion.
http://thechronicleofnewcastle.com Theghostof Captnkidd
How about someone starts an Ashley out line of sports wear take the pizz and make some money for the cause.
Clive Lancaster
Time to change those ‘wonga’ emblems on our Nufc tops to ‘WRONGA’ and any other place where they could be changed? Oh and how about changing ‘sports direct’ signs anywhere and everywhere to ‘SLAVES DIRECT’… I was inspired by the handouts last week and the van. Great stuff. Oh and if we want more televised tv coverage our chanting should cut out the swearing and word ‘cockney’-if we want national support? Cant be there today sadly as im at work, but look forward to watching the coverage and joining any boycotts on Sundays
It costs me three times as much now for trainers cos he hasn’t got Adidas yet but I’m so proud of everyones efforts in UK so suffocate this filthy rich fat bd.
Go for it Lads and lets hope you can squeeze this sh
bg out of our club.
HWTF…Fatty oot.
Paphos supporters, Vrisi Tavern,Pegeia, Cyprus.
‘Further details regarding this protest will be released shortly’
Any chance of these further details being announced before 12:30?
Any further details to be announced about todays sports direct protest, lads?
Paul Wilson
I was one of ‘many’ Season Ticket holders who went last week … To support ‘our’ Team, they NEED the Fans behind them in order to get probably 4 points to ensure safety ….. Regarding the protests outside the Ground I would like to know how many were ‘hangers on’ who don’t go to the Matches and how many were usual attendees?
Regarding Ashley, I agree we need desperate investment, something that has been lacking since he purchased the Club, but he runs it as a business unfortunately and business/Football doesn’t mix ….. It’s good having said that, that we’re financially sound as a Club, but he needs to invest in good players who are committed to the Club and not players just using us a stepping stone for a supposed bigger move ….. Success = more money i.e. Higher Premier placing is more Cash, winning Cups is Cash, Europe is Cash etc ……
I’d say get behind the Team and we can all protest as much as we want, but it’s HIS business to do what he wants, as it’s his Money … But it will always be OUR Club, regardless who owns it and the only link we should be bothered about is with the Players ……

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