What Should Your Dream Football Team Look Like If You Suddenly Win The Lottery

It’s 2020, and Football continues to sit at its title of the most loved games ever. Anyone who has managed to understand even a little bit about this ecstatic ball game is tempted to be a millionaire winning the lottery and own a Football team.

It is only a matter of time before the person starts to consider Football as his/her ultimate love interest. This passion knows no boundaries and only continues to grow over time. 

A true Football fan, sooner or later, begins to dream about forming his team, and it becomes the real purpose of his/her life. 

Winning a big lottery is the only possible way that can bring a fan closer to his/her big dream. So, if you belong to that category and finally hit the jackpot, here is how your dream football team should look like.

Cristiano Ronaldo for the millionaire winning the lottery

The man who progressed from a winger to a centre-forward using his dedication and hard work deserves to be selected first in the team for the millionaire winning the lottery. 

Everyone knows about the magic that Cristiano Ronaldo brings to the playground every single time. So, he doesn’t even need much introduction. If he’s in your team, you know you are going to win no matter what. 

You can’t beat Lionel Messi 

If you didn’t know that Lionel Messi has officially bagged the title of the world’s best Football player, it is time that you pay more attention to the game. 

To ace even the most difficult of the matches, all you need to do is, keep Messi in the forward position. His left foot is miraculous enough to roll the ball wherever he wants it to go. 

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is the man

When we talk about Neymar Day Silva Santos Junior, we are filled with hope. He is a player that just won’t take no for an answer. If he falls, you know he will get back up even stronger.

Neymar gets to be in the forward as well, for all the right reasons. To put it simply, your football dream team isn’t quite complete without him.

Luka Modric will win hearts

A man that can bend an entire Football match to any direction he likes deserves your respect. Watching Luka Modric playing in central midfield will restore your faith in witchcraft. 

He exists as a football mastermind to prove that size doesn’t matter, pretty much anywhere. He is a true inspiration, and there are so many things you can learn from him. So, it would not be an exaggeration to call Luka Modric an asset to your dream Football team.

Raphael Varane to ensure a win

Raphael Varane might not be the self-made man according to a lot of people, but his technique and fascination for Football should not be underestimated. The fact that he was selected by Real Madrid at the tender age of eighteen, in the center back position, says a lot about his capability as a player. 

Raphael Varane is a pure delight to watch. He is one of the fittest, and the toughest Footballers that the world is blessed with, and his defense tactics are quite praiseworthy. 

You can take pride over Mohamed Salah

With Mohamed Salah in your time, you can leave the worries at bay. He is a player that you should take a lot of pride over. Coming from Africa, he very well knows how to scare the living hell out of defenders. 

Mohamed Salah plays in the forward and proves after every match why he belongs there. With every passing day, he is only sealing his deal with Liverpool and Egypt as well. So, you don’t have to think twice before offering him a position in your dream team.

Cesar Azpilicueta for a start to finish game

The beauty of Cesar Azpilicueta reflects in his commitment to getting better with each passing Football match. He started out slow and steady in the sports world, but today, he is a real gem that the industry is proud of. 

Cedar Azpilicueta plays in the center-back and charms everyone in the audience. He is also good enough to land crosses in the box of penalty. 

David De Gea to maintain the consistency

The sweetheart of club side Manchester United, David De Gea is the perfect goalkeeper that your dream football team had been waiting for. His career is at a peak these days for all the right reasons. 

He is an absolute beauty at the playground and delivers what he promises — consistency. His quick reflexes helped him a long way to become the excellent shot-stopper that he is today. 

The unbeatable N’Golo Kante 

A millionaire winning the lottery shouldn’t have to compromise while picking who gets to be in his/her dream football team. That’s why the unbeatable N’Golo Kante should be playing in the midfield, for you. 

He has perfected his game. So, you cannot afford to doubt his abilities to gain a victory.  

The genius of Kevin De Bruyne

Playing in the midfield, Kevin De Bruyne has the blessings and the techniques of Pep Guardiola. He is a genius and the most reliable Footballer in the playground. 
You will realize that adding Kevin De Bruyne to your dream Football team was the best decision of your life right after he wins a match for you.

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