Top Tips for Football Betting and Making Smarter Bets

Football or Soccer as it is fondly called in some areas, is arguably the most famous sport in the world. With millions of fans around the world, almost every country has its football leagues and teams. From huge events between popular teams to smaller matches in the lower divisions, there are a plethora of games for football aficionados to enjoy.

While lots of fans are more comfortable with the pleasure of watching the game, others want to make more cash out of their passion. If you are a football fan who resides in Kenya, and you want to try football betting, there are several booking websites to choose from. These betting sites, like – William Hill Kenya, offer various markets on football betting, as well as attractive promotions to enable bettors to win more cash. A lot of football fans enjoy betting on the game, using their knowledge to place bets and trying to make huge wins. If you fall into this category, or you are about to test the waters of football betting, here are some tips to guide you to make smarter bets.

Bet with your head, not your heart

As a chronic fan of football, chances are that you have a favorite team that you support whether they win or lose. When betting on football, or any sports like that, it is in your best interest not to have a favorite. Many new bettors make the mistake of focusing solely on the teams or players they love the most but end up losing money doing this.

One of the things that hinder bettors in making money when betting is their own emotions – which the bookies bank on to make more profit. If you can put aside your emotions when betting and make predictions based on facts and history, then you are one step closer to winning. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t get lost in the distraction.

Do thorough Research

Football or any kind of sports betting requires lots of preparation and research. In addition to following the game religiously, spending time doing thorough research will allow you to place smarter bets. Many bettors make the mistake of thinking sports betting is all about luck. However, football betting is majorly skill-based, especially if you are betting to add to your bankroll.

Bettors who know a lot about football, keeps up with a variety of teams and follow the game which watching a lot of the matches will always be able to make smarter choices than those who don’t know much about the game.

Consider Your Options

There various betting sites as well as different bet markets when it comes to football betting. Before you start betting, take your time to read reviews about several betting sites and know the markets they offer. Also compare odds and promotions on various sites, to be sure you are getting good odds at the best price. Remember there are different bet markets and bet types to choose from. In addition to the popular markets, there are goalscorers where you can predict how many goals will be scored in a single game and handicap where one team is given a virtual advantage or disadvantage to even the odds.

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