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We've always felt that we dont need to monitor people on here and we know that we are a bit more 'raw' than the likes of our friends at N-O however at the moment we also know that all of these boards are monitored by the press to pull soundbites. With that in mind it is a good idea to tone down our posts so we dont fuel any more of the "thick abusive geordie" stereotypes that they like to portray.

We dont expect only nice posts and if somethings shite say its shite, if you think they're a twat say they're a twat but it would be preferable if we didnt make assumptions on people because of their name, race etc and start entire conversations on whether a certain journalist is carrying more than a notebook in their backpack!

Things have gone past us lately due to the higher demand, numbers of posts and the fact that we all enjoy posting as well as moderating but now we will be getting tough on these kind of posts, there will be no warnings on these things. If you post that kind of stuff then we will put you on Posting Moderation for a period of time (that means that you cannot post anything without one of us agreeing the post first) this will mean your post could take hours to appear and may look mothing like what you meant to say. These will be anything from an hour or two to give you time to go away, calm down a bit and rethink your posts through to a number of weeks for persistent offenders.

Persist too much though and we will simply ban you. Other sites get called for their attitude to these things but maybe they have the right idea, personally I dont think so but the answer lies somewhere between the two, allow users to be the adults they are and use naughty words at times while ensuring none of us come out looking like tossers.

We've let things get to this stage and thats our (Admin teams) fault therefore nobody is being banned or moderated for anything that has already been posted, a number of posts have been edited this morning to remove things and if others exist they too will be amended as soon as we spot them but as of now these rules are in place. Anything posted after the time of this will be subjected to the above.

Oh and if you bunch of c*nts could refrain from using the word c**t then we'd seriously appreciate that too wink.gif


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