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  2. It's a possibility. How old was his mother when she had him?
  3. To be fair, @Noelieis right, we had a poor pass completion rate; 64%. However, that's about the same as it always is (only 5% off our average of 71%). Only Burnley have a worse pass completion %. Only Burnley (21.37%) WBA (19.2%) and Stoke(18.46%) play a higher % of Long Balls per game.
  4. @jesseterrymusic @Sage_Gateshead Canny good gig guys! Catch you both again soon. Best wishes for August’s amazing a… https://t.co/UrbeQGu7vK

  5. General Random Conversation..

    He ate the Onion.
  6. North Korea

    So they seem to have collapsed the mountain under which all their nuclear testing is done https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/26/north-korea-nuclear-test-site-collapse-may-be-out-of-action-china Obviously nothing to do with the nuclear tests halting.
  7. Politics

    Urghh. Thanks for that. What does this even mean?
  8. Politics

    https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/951039/PMQs-live-Theresa-May-Labour-Party-Jeremy-Corbyn-House-of-Commons-Conservative-Windrush/amp Have a read of that. The Express are incredibly trying to frame the Labour front bench as being the ones that are anti-Windrush and May as some kind of hero for telling them that the children of Windrush are British and they better not forget it. Unreal.
  9. Today
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    The little cunt has a coat on that's three sizes too big for him as well. He's still doing it with his suits these days. If he wore anything that actually fit him he'd look even more like the weasel he is.
  11. Yesterday
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Your name is on the bottom of the blog you whopper. And I didn't say Ian Cusack posts as Gene Clark. Although you just confirmed that yourself by posting this
  13. RT @smartnotstupid: Breaking News! The two main political Party’s have announced plans to drop their names to ones that fit in with their…

  14. Precedent Trump

    What the fuck is going on with Trump and Kanye West at the minute? Does he have an album out soon or what?
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    Very true,very true.
  16. Recommend me something to watch!

    Just finished Wild Wild Country. High quality narrative style documentary as you except from Netflix. What confuses me though is that I was a young teenager when this story was on going. I literally have no recollection of the Rajneshee cult whatsoever, none at all. Worth a watch though, my kind of cult.
  17. Europe --- In or Out

    https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/residency-app-does-not-work-on-iphones-home-office-admits-q3ctbr5fr Don't worry though lads, they’ll still have that tech based border up and running by 2020.
  18. Europe --- In or Out

    You sound surprised
  19. Europe --- In or Out

    At 4/1 to become the next prime minister, I'd hate to be him/her should that day come.
  20. Europe --- In or Out

    I thought it was well done.
  21. Politics

  22. Politics

  23. Europe --- In or Out

    Raw hatred
  24. What are you drinking?

    In memory of CT’s days of furious self-abuse, now in the dustbin of history, along with his metector.
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