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  2. Ashley will be furious, he was about to add another 50m to the asking price. Hippo Head will be happy though, as his plan to water the pitch worked really well. Looks like the pitch was too slippery for some of our players and their limited passing ability. The attempt of Perez to put Slimani through after Pickford‘s misskick was shocking.
  3. Noelie lives on a different feckin' planet, man.
  4. You must have been watching a different game. We didn't give it away that much man.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    Their thread on our game tonight.You have to go to number 24 thread to find a more popular one. Obsessed Makem Bastards. OMB. 27-3-1970.
  6. It's reasonable to believe that Rafa gave explicit instructions that every time we had the ball we were to give it to a blue shirt, and it would appear those instructions were well carried out by most of our players during the entire match. One of the most depressing games I have seen in a long time, was this the same team that beat Arsenal last week???
  7. I thought slim started well but then faded. Think it's clear he can't play with Perez
  8. Shelvey's schmeckel swingers v Hippo Heed's horror show

    I like him, me. He looks like a good Mitrovic. Be interested to see what happens when a chance falls his way, but in the main he looks a good upgrade on the Serbian Billy Shitehurst.
  9. If that had been Perez last season or earlier this season I would have been first to line him up and shoot him. But he's now at least grafting and trying. He was going to get fuck all tonight with Madley against him too. No doubt hippo head bought the cunt.
  10. Can forgive him for not seeing the handball, it was on the other side of the players body, needs assistance from his.... assistants. The rest of the game though no forgiveness. Everton actually turned up in this game, which surprised me, what didn't surprise me is that they didn't create a lot. Pickford will be pleased that he alone has won the cup, means he has an exclusive shot at best on ground. We wasted our chances and combined with the shoddy refereeing, a fortuitous rebound and quality finish from Walcott it just wasn't our day. In the end though I think we all know the reason for the loss. Fucking Stevie.
  11. Aye, there's a player in there, but need to see him fully match fit.
  12. Leicester will want a big chunk of the £30m back, I'd rather not.
  13. Shelvey's schmeckel swingers v Hippo Heed's horror show

    No chance of us going down, right? Until it's mathematically impossible..
  14. Typical Allardyce side play-acting, bleeding all over the place.
  15. Jury still out on Slimani
  16. Dickhead The fans must have asked Pickford what league Sunderland are in now because he held up 1 finger
  17. Fuck me, having watched 180 minutes of the absolute turgid shite Everton serve up under Allardyce I can see exactly why they want him out. How we lost both of the two games I’ve got absolutely no fucking idea. Hope he stays there mind, cos that tinpot club deserve someone as shite as him.
  18. No, I'm watching it illegally because they've been ahead of Sky for about 10 years.
  19. You'd have bring out the kung fu to get sent off against us.
  20. And a number 10. Perez was pretty rank
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