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  2. Coronavirus

    Who’s he then?
  3. Other games 2019/2020

    Brighton beat Norwich that's them safe. Any two from west ham bournemouth aston ville and watford ?
  4. Today
  5. Coronavirus

    When you consider the state of men’s toilets in pubs all over the town, it’s fucking incredible that there’s are by far the worst. Fucking manky
  6. Coronavirus

  7. NUFC.com

    The 2nd NUFC.com auction raised £12,000. That’s an excellent effort
  8. Coronavirus

    I can't stand the Beehovel.
  9. Coronavirus

  10. Coronavirus

    Was just coming to post that
  11. Coronavirus

    The Beehive in the Toon, nee perspex instead they have clingfilm
  12. Coronavirus

    It's just a matter of time before we get pictures and videos of drunks in a pub all huddled together and chocka block bozzers spilling out in the streets for the ritual saturday night fights.
  13. The bid Keys knew about before anyone else eh, what a shock. Between this and the threat they made the other week they’re probably doing us a favor and making it easier for the PL tbh.
  14. mackem messageboard gold

    They have like 12 players in the first team squad & are absolutely crippled with debt. What did they think was going to happen if they got promoted? Straight back down...
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    Every single decision in football that takes place behind the scenes revolves around them
  16. mackem messageboard gold

    Imagine being happy to see people die for the greater glory of the lads.
  17. mackem messageboard gold

    You can get a decent converted one second hand for less than £20k tbh, however the renting option does seem decent.
  18. Keeping fit

    Gents Theres 100s of odometers* for spinning bikes on amazon cheers * technical term used by us pros/just discovered by asthmatic Alan here 😆
  19. Coronavirus

  20. mackem messageboard gold

    The football league were never going to let a giant like Sunderland out of one of their leagues to play in another one of their leagues.
  21. Keeping fit

    Aye you'll need something that will count RPMs. You can get them for normal bikes - it's just a pair of magnets, one in a fixed position on the frame and the other on the wheel. Every time they pass one another it counts it and estimates distance from that. https://m.lightinthebox.com/en/p/cx-9-bike-computer-bicycle-computer-cycling-stopwatch-waterproof-wireless-odometer-road-cycling-cycling-bike-cycling_p6566293.html Something like that would do it, you'd just need to work out where on your bike you could attach the magnets as obviously this is expecting to be fitted to a proper bike.
  22. Keeping fit

    Your spinner would need something attached to take speed, time or distance readings I would've thought?
  23. mackem messageboard gold

    Me mate's just recently kitted out a transporter. Took him about 18 months like but he’s done a really good job. The fella of a lass I know from university lives on the south coast and he does out the 1970s camper vans. I’ll try and dig out a link to his site
  24. Keeping fit

    Can anyone recommend a simple app that will tell me how far I’ve cycled on my spinner? I don’t want 30 thousand different routines/gimmicks/fuckin hoopla, I just want to know how far I’ve gone in 30 mins or and hour... am thinking @wykikitoon will know of something? 🤔
  25. mackem messageboard gold

    We did the Scottish highlands in a 70s VW camper. One of the best trips I’ve done
  26. mackem messageboard gold

    £20k for a bog standard transporter and another £10k to convert. Looked myself but fuck that for a laugh. You can hire one for £100 a night. We’ve just booked this for a week in Cornwall next Summer
  27. RT @weegiewitch13: Ffs sawt it awt Grant 🥴 Aw ragin because he’s barred fae the Queen Vic

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