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    He's not just staring the press down though, is he? He stood up on telly yesterday and basically told the public they were wrong, him and his mate were right, and that that was the end of the matter. This virus has affected everybody. I personally have been fortunate enough not to lose anyone but there are loads that have or that know someone that has, and these people cut across the political spectrum. And they are furious that they played by the rules and face timed their final goodbyes while this dickhead drove cross country and basically did whatever the fuck he liked. And now him and the PM are playing them for mugs. Loads of Tory MPs are getting hundreds of letters from their constituents and all of them will be determined to do something to save their own skin. There's lots of shit people forget by the time the next election rolls around, but waving goodbye to a parent on an iPad screen and then not being able to attend their burial isn't one of them. For the same reason that I don't think Trump will just get to shrug this one off, I don't think Johnson does either. This isnt just a minor tussle between Johnson and the press.
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  4. I'll take both, thanks, while you two are hitting each other with your handbags
  5. Also, I would assume that Rafa is unlikely to be poached as a manager, whereas Poch, if what people have been saying about him being coveted by other clubs is true, could be poached by Real, Barca, Man U etc. Whether he should be is a discussion for about 14 other pages of this thread, but would he stay if push came to shove? I think Rafa would stay.
  6. if you heard a joke today, post it

    I've invented a new word....Plagiarism Anyone else invented a new word? No I thought so!
  7. if you heard a joke today, post it

    A gang has been caught making counterfeit Kipling Bakewell tarts. Police say they're exceedingly good fakes.
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  10. Surely Dogleash would want to resign junior. Again.
  11. Coronavirus

    He doesn't -have- to sack him though, right? For all the press may call for it, no one can compel him to sack the guy. I mean it's still Year 1 of the cycle remember, there's not much any of us can do about this and no one will care in 4 years time. Least of all Johnson who will probably just stand down anyway. Interesting times but if Johnson intends to just stare the press down, I'm not sure exactly what can be done about it.
  12. Coronavirus

    When the mail and the guardian are united in attack, you know you’re fucked
  13. Coronavirus

    And the great thing is he doesn’t even have to do anything. Sometime the greatest lawyers just sit back, resist them urge to probe and let their witness crumble in front of everyone’s eyes.
  14. Coronavirus

    It should be possible to track his movements using open source apps like google earth and cctv. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until a creative hack nails him, which makes Johnson backing him to to hilt today all the more bizarre
  15. Coronavirus

    Starmer must but laughing into his coco this evening. Implosion of the highest order.
  16. Coronavirus

    I assume they have hard evidence. I.e some ANPR. or a photo of him there? They're fucked. Lol
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  18. Coronavirus

    I feel wor lass has spiked my Pinot Grigio with acid.
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  20. Coronavirus

    Probably more dates to be added
  21. I heard that St Poch is looking forward to coming in and bringing local hero Moussa Sissoko home.
  22. John Stones and Ross Barkley, two of the most overrated English footballers of all time. Slightly hyperbolic, but not far off the truth. In fairness it likely is complete bollocks. That is unless this journalist has literally hacked Rafa's phone and or computer, which I suppose isn't that far fetched when you see what that Financial Times journo got caught doing, and every other hacking scandal.
  23. I heard that Dalglish wants to come back and sign Des Hamilton and Brian Pinas.
  24. Coronavirus

    I love it when a plan comes together...
  25. The Telegraph are reporting that Benitez wants to come back, and that he wants to sign Ross Barkley and John Stones. If this happens to be true, and it's a big if to be fair, can we agree that Pochettino signing Sissoko is something that can no longer be held against him when comparing him to Rafa https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/24/exclusive-rafael-benitez-wants-make-second-coming-newcastle/
  26. Coronavirus

    On reflection, she might be talking about that Hairy Bikers' diet.
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