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  2. Man City...again? Is this a fucking joke!?

    Edwards being the chief example of one of those who can't admit they are wrong.
  3. Dear Newcastle

    That is the dream, and together, in unity, we can make it somewhat possible, just let us win haha. And for goodness sake don’t play ASM. If I had to pick one or the other, it would be Villa. Just find their fans obnoxious. Grealish is just someone with a face you want to punch and would never get tired in doing so. West Ham would be funny if they went down, plus it was revealed they have a £39mil loan debt that has to be settled. So if they get relegated, can’t see them bouncing back for a while. However my dislike for Villa trumps the humourous thought of West Ham.
  4. @alfgarnett54 @w_mccusker @ScottishSun Alf Garnett? Obsessed? Aye, you're obsessed with a fucking racist. Rent free pal, rent free x

  5. Dear Newcastle

    Dream scenario would need Bournemouth to get 5-6 points to overturn the 4pt gap on West Ham, sending them and Villa down. But to be honest, I can only see Bournemouth getting max 4pts before the end of the season. Of the two, I'm not sure who I'd prefer to go, West Ham or Villa. West Ham would be as funny as Villa would be satisfying.
  6. Man City...again? Is this a fucking joke!?

    I won £12 on the game last night.
  7. Dear Newcastle

    I think Villa will sink themselves.
  8. On my twitter feed Hope’s tweet about Bruce’s defenders was immediately after Edwards utter fucking nonsense.
  9. Dear Newcastle

    Unfortunately we’re not capable of that on our own, we are crap! We need all the help we can get. 15 pence? If you think Mike Ashley is tight, you don’t know Gino Pozzo. He’s basically the Italian version of Ashley, but cheaper. Wherever he can penny pinch, he will. That’s why most of our transfers recently are being talked about as a dodgy deal, going to court or someone suing us or us suing them. It’s embarrassing. All your players will be back for our game. It was a clear and obvious tactic from Bruce against City. Realistically that was always a game you were going to lose. So the picked up a knock excuse came out. Annoying for us because ASM will now be well rested and ready to go. He will have a field day with our pathetic defence. I think nearly every Premier League fan would love to see nothing Villa and West Ham go down, unfortunately they are relying on us to do it. If we lose to you, which most of us think we will, and they win at the weekend, puts them 1 point behind us. Literally beating you at the weekend is our only hope of sending at least one of them down. No survey from me, we get enough of that from other fans on our own forum
  10. Today
  11. Coronavirus

    What a snowflake
  12. The Cricket Thread

    First ever England v Scotland football match was played at a cricket ground (in Scotland) iirc
  13. Precedent Trump

    Today should be the day that the Supreme Court rules that he can't continue to keep his tax returns secret. Expect the decision around 3pm our time. Expect a meltdown shortly after if the decision goes the right way.
  14. Politics

    It's the boiling frog scenario, people just seem so desensitized to the shit that's happening. Not surprising, it's relentless. Also I don't do social media, but it's clearly a problem. We are very near now to the stage where videos can be digitally doctored to show almost anything. At this point, objective truth is lost. We're seeing the early symptoms now, maybe the full blown disease will be fatal. We live in a democracy but only nominally imo. More like an idiotcracy tbh.
  15. Politics

    They did a lot of covert stuff during the election, mainly dodgy Facebook ads and funded “campaign groups” that totally disappeared as soon as it was over.
  16. The Cricket Thread

    I'll have you know I played for East Kilbride CC
  17. Coronavirus

    Old people, man. They simply cannot be trusted to do anything right.
  18. The Cricket Thread

    This all but confirms you're not a proper jock.
  19. The Cricket Thread

    And Denley joins him.
  20. Politics

    I think I agree on the election prospects. We're not even a year into Johnson's reign and he is every bit as incompetent as everyone feared and the public has already cottoned onto it. That's a bad situation for him in a normal political cycle, but with what's about to come over the next four years, I think he'll be gone and it should (SHOULD) be impossible for them to pin this on anyone else. At least not in the sort of numbers that they need, there'll always be some true believers. As far as the dictatorship goes, there'd have to be some will from the people to allow that to happen. There's no doubt they're doing a lot of bad shit behind the scenes to mess with how democracy is supposed to work in this country, but that's relatively covert and opaque enough that they can do it and a majority of the country doesn't know what's happening. That's a world removed from all overtly trying to install themselves as permanent leaders, although as I'm typing I can see how if you do enough of the covert shit, then you don't need to make that final step all that overt.
  21. The Cricket Thread

    So Sibley confirms he is shit.
  22. Politics

    Yeah, I'd put it a bit higher, but less than 5%. Still, the attacks on the judiciary, civil service, and media worry me, I certainly think democracy is constantly being undermined. Assuming nothing too Dystopian happens, I don't see anyway back for the tories though. People vote on the economy in the main. In 4 years time the combined effect of covid, Brexit, and general ineptitude will see it wrecked. To win, they have to take enough demographic groups with them, but that's a circle they cant square, because you can't appease the red wall at the same time as the home counties lot. Pensions look screwed, so that's another group. Even farmers were protesting against them yesterday.
  23. Coronavirus

  24. Politics

    Possible in the sense that there's a non-zero percentage chance. But it's still way less than a 1% chance.
  25. Politics

    I think it's a possibility, unlikely but still possible. The de facto leader of this country is already unelected. The government have been systematically attacking the institutions responsible for checks and balances for years now, it's just become normal and nobody bats an eyelid anymore. The propaganda machine is in fulll swing. Of course, nothing like this has ever happened before, has it? Or maybe I've been listening to too much Radiohead this morning.
  26. Politics

    Wales seems to building a head of steam also
  27. No doubt in my mind that they expected the piracy issue to be an obstacle, they may have underestimated it's scale, but any half-decent counsel would surely have flagged it as an issue that would need attention.
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