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    This plan to abolish private schools is quickly falling apart under very light scrutiny.
  3. Politics

    And a free unicorn for everyone.

    he's miles ahead of the competition on climate change
  5. Politics

    32 hour working week & an end to the EU working time directive. Basically the latter makes the former irrelevant

    He really is.

    monbiot is brilliant
  8. Today

    Just came across this video from a few months back of Monbiot on Frankie Boyle's show.
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    My bad, I barely slept last night and it's apparently showing with short term memory loss. I still think it's risky.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    I explained this to you literally half an hour ago. Are you the remain CT?
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    It's risky. The more I think about it, the more it narrows the vote pool of people whose votes can be used to theoretically win a remain situation.
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    I'm all for the bringing the country together view but that needs power and he's killing the chance of that imo. To be honest I can see this causing a leadership challenge which I'm okay with as long as it isn't an out and out centrist who prevails.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    We've all been saying that for months now, but there is a bigger issue at hand here - if all our dreams come true and Labour sweep into power, cancel Brexit, and lead us into the sunlit uplands of a mixed economy - we will have a very pissed off 50% of the country who will feel that their democratic vote has just been rode over roughshod. Corbyn's position up until now had been a healing one - if we go full Remain, as much as I've wanted Labour to do this for months now, what will that mean in practice? They go for straight revoke? If they were going to do this, it had to be done a year ago. Now it feels too late and I'm tempted to say is only going to cause more confusion in the Remain side. I could see a way for Remain to come out on top with the lay of the land before - I mean the Lib Dems already had the revoke crowd covered, and Labour's muddled position was probably covering a few Brexiters. All I can see here is us potentially cutting away a slice of the public nearer to the leave side and hoping that there is enough to take back from the LDs for an outright Labour victory...
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    Aye. This is so blindingly obvious.
  16. Europe --- In or Out

    Corbyn: I will abide by whatever conference decides (after I've fully stitched up that decision). The bloke is a fucking disgrace.
  17. Europe --- In or Out

    Remain is undoubtedly Labour’s best chance of electoral success though. They’ll haemorrhage votes to the Lib Dems unless they make that move.
  18. Europe --- In or Out

    Sounds like some intensive behind the scenes work is going on from Labour high command though... Not convinced Remain will win this.
  19. Europe --- In or Out

    I guess that's what we want, but I don't really think his neutral stance was necessarily wrong. I've never been convinced that Corbyn was a closet leaver, but I am sure that he's openly indifferent. Let's hope whatever outcome it is plays well to the public.
  20. Europe --- In or Out

    This doesn’t mean that he can’t go forward with his plan to negotiate and deal and then put it to a referendum. What it does though is commit him to campaigning for remain rather than being neutral.
  21. Europe --- In or Out

    Also, this provides the possibility of a mandate for Remain. If you go into the election undecided you don't have that, and that is hugely important.
  22. Europe --- In or Out

    They have to pick a position pre election man. You can't ask people to vote for you when you can't decide what you're going to do on Brexit.
  23. Europe --- In or Out

    What would that mean though - I was coming around to Corbyn's position as the best way of bridging the divide. Going out and out Remain seems polarising.
  24. Your favourite stand up comedians?

    I find Seinfeld more interesting than funny. I think he has an outlook on life that makes him intriguing/amusing but he's a long way from funny for me.
  25. Europe --- In or Out

    Some fucking sense at last.
  26. Europe --- In or Out

    Short thread.
  27. Politics

    Do Blue passport holders get priority?
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