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  2. @lewi_38 @JaneChase Aye. 1 in 8 whiny pissboys rckon they could take a point of her. One of the greatest players of… https://t.co/PrbeMP19n5

  3. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I think it was a brilliant decision for beloved Mr. Ashley to hire a Geordie. I think Mr. Charnley was brilliant assisting Mr. Ashley in hiring a Geordie. I think Mr. Bruce, the Geordie, will surely bring feelings of some magnitude to every supporter home or abroad. I think, deeply, we should applaud Mr. Ashley & Mr. Charnley for their astuteness in hiring a Geordie. I do think I have exhausted my plan to tell anymore terminologicalinexactitudes.
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    no “lol” from the main man, he must be pissed off.
  5. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Scary thing is it could happen now Bruce is here.
  6. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Brucie's bonus press conference Lee Marshall: "OK folks, you know the drill, no takeover questions, no Mike Ashley questions and keep it clean, please, after all, we aren't Joe Kinnear! OK, Newcastle United manager....Steve Bruce!" Steve Bruce: "Hi everyone, pleased to meet you all again." Chris Waugh: "Hi Steve, how does...." Knight Ryder: "Cough, fucking cough!.....(glares at Waugh)....Welcome to the Toon, Brucey. Trinity Mirror regional sports writer of the year, Lee Ryder here, How does it feel to be back wor kid?" SB: "It feels great to be honest, I've always loved Newcastle as they were my boyhood club. Growing up as a Geordie it was my dream to play for them. In fact I can't think of anyone in here more Geordie than myself to be honest with you! Hahaha." Knight Ryder: "What aboot me? Ah was a toon army footsoldier long before ah was a shit hot award winning sports journalist. Are you more Geordie than me?" SB: "Where you from, son?" Knight Ryder: "Seaton Delaval." SB: "Hahaha. I'm definitely more Geordie than you, sonna. I'm from Daisy Hill in Walker, as a kid if you were on a bike it was either stolen or in danger of being stolen. We weren't poshies from the coast!" Luke Edwards: "Is it true you personally transformed the career of a young Andy Robertson, the Liverpool full back and Klopp has you to thank for Liverpool's fantastic champions league winning season?" SB: "Well that's very kind of you, Luke....." Knight Ryder: "So how many times did you wag it from school then, Walker hardman?" Lee Marshall: "One at a time, please gentleman!" SB: "Well, ah helped Andy out but I'm sure Jurgen had a bit to do with it as well. Also ah wagged it about twenty times." Knight Ryder: "Twenty? Is that it? Ah wagged it about thirty times all through school, wor kid. How's that Geordie asseseman, err, assismin, err working going now, like?" SB: "Twenty times in just the 2nd year of Benfield school, kidda." John Carver: "ARE YOU MORE G...G...GEORDIE THAN ME! EH? AHLL TEK ANY CUNT ON! (HIC!) FUCK YIZ AHLL. AH SHOULD BE UP THERE, (HIC), UP THERE!" LM: "Hi security! Lee Marshall here, can someone please escort JC back down to the kitchens, please. Think he's been siphoning off the guests whisky again. Cheers." George Caulkin: "How much of the decision to take the job was based on your parents being from here?" SB: "Well it played a part, I couldn't have....." Knight Ryder: "That was just in the juniors! Twenty times in the juniors! Ask Mala, he'll tell ya!" SB: "Err, I couldn't have made it without the support of my folks." Keith Downie: "Understand reports say that Mike Ashley will give you a £100M war chest. How much was his backing and steadying the ship as well as being a sound businessman a factor in you taking the job?" SB: "Obviously a big part but I've full control of the club transfers and everything." Lee Marshall: "Sorry, everyone..... (Whispers).....Steve, Lee Charnley says he'll agree to a pay-as-you-play deal for Carroll and that's all you can have. Carr's doing the rest." SB: "For fucks sake, err, I mean Lee charnley's trying to get a couple of my targets as we speak. Hopefully can get them over the line." Lee Marshall: "Ok folks, that's it for today, well see you next time." Knight Ryder: "How many tabs did you smoke at school, then? Eh? Eh How many....?" Lee Marshall: "Sorry, Lee, that's all for now." Knight Ryder: "Laters."
  7. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    didn't read the thread before posting again
  8. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Has anybody ever had one of these pay as you play contracts? Always see them mooted but can't remember anybody actually signing one.
  9. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    I'd give Caroll a pay as you play contract but definitely wouldn't salary him. He'll give you a handful of games at best.
  10. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Is anyone on "pay as you play"? See it all the time a perma-crock is available but never heard of anyone actually signing that deal. Especially in PL football that's flush with cash and desperation to not fall off the gravy train.
  11. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Bring back THE AC UNIT, if you ask me. On the old "Pay-as-you-play" Deano special.
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Who are they?
  13. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Go back to your council house, you peasant.
  14. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Leighton Baines incoming.
  15. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    And a late move to get Brett Emerton over the line.
  16. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Bas Dost to follow
  17. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    This summer's most predictable deal. Kill me now
  18. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Like a new signing tbh
  19. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Carroll linked with a return. Again
  20. mackem messageboard gold

    forgot about the makems with all our shit going on.
  21. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I predict Muto will break Mohamed Sala's 38-game goal scoring record easily.
  22. mackem messageboard gold

    They had a thread for our friendly on RTG and we didn’t
  23. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Shelvey liking bruce. Seems a few who were isolated by rafa will be relieved now
  24. @Brandon_Nocaute Yeah. I watched him having a tear up in a boatyard. And someone's back garden. We don't need to pr… https://t.co/AmUtdZ1NaP

  25. arsenal non attendance

  26. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Just beat West Ham in a pre season friendly. good to see a new manager bounce
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