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  2. It's funny that we're so desperate for positive news that some of us are suddenly calling Simon Jordan a straight talker who knows what he's talking about, when he said he'd be very surprised if it was blocked
  3. Coronavirus

    Be interesting to see what happens to Rees Mogg when there's an inevitable outbreak in Parliament and one of the MPs becomes a superspreader on their journey home. Although track and trace currently only works if you know the name and contact details of everyone you've come into contact with, so he might get away with it.
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  5. Coronavirus

    Mental, isn’t it?
  6. Coronavirus

    I mean, I agree with the sentiment but fuck going on a demonstration right now. I don’t even fancy a trip to the supermarket let alone standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of randoms
  7. Coronavirus

    “Some lad from another country...” Howay man Ant
  8. Coronavirus

    I think these people need to check their White privilege and stop virtue signalling. Did I get that right, Rayvin?
  9. Precedent Trump

  10. Coronavirus

    What happened angered me and saddened me but it didn’t bother me as much as 62,000 excess deaths in the UK.
  11. Coronavirus

    Why doesn't anyone ask what the fuck all these travellers are coming to the UK for? There's no excuse for business reasons or tourism. Then why the hell would anyone negotiate an air bridge with one of the worst affected countries?
  12. Coronavirus

    Black lives matter rally in Belfast by a bunch of stupid cunts. We can't even sort getting on with each other over here and they've decided a gathering during a pandemic about some lad from another country is a good idea
  13. Coronavirus

    When Johnson reduces the two metre rule (yes he just said he wants to do that) I hope he runs it past the virus first.
  14. Coronavirus

    Johnson's a sinophile and doesnt approve of mocking chinese people based on their appearance! Did I hear that right?
  15. Coronavirus

    Aye. He should be bricking it come the inevitable inquest. Plenty of lay people knew Cheltenham etc was a disaster waiting to happen.
  16. Coronavirus

    Whitty can do one too tbh. If they’re following his advice, it’s resulted in the highest death rate in the world. If they’re not, he’s remained quiet in order to keep his job.
  17. Coronavirus

    Daily car crash. It's like Johnson gets taken out and bum raped every day. Trouble is, being an Etonian, he enjoys it.
  18. Coronavirus

    The number of new infections is coming down. Except they’ve increased for the third day in a row and are higher than about ten days ago according to the graph they’re using to illustrate that
  19. Coronavirus

    it blew up in london when the twits in charge still had hard-ons for herd immunity
  20. Coronavirus

    i hope those congas were worth it
  21. Coronavirus

    So this spike being about two and a half weeks after VE Day and its pissed-up karaoke parties etc is presumably just a coincidence
  22. Coronavirus

    Good luck trying to lock down the morons here. Plus I don't remember London getting selectively locked down when it was the hot spot. I'd agree it's the way to go tbh, but we'll be even more fucked over here.
  23. It’s funny how the PL have faffed on and dragged their feet over our ownership structure, yet it seems to me that we are going to potentially lose Matty Longstaff thanks to Watfords dodgy as fuck ownership structure. If Udinese have really offered Matty £30k a week that would make him their highest earning player, during a time of uncertainty. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that due to Foreign based clubs being able to approach players before domestic sides when players deals are running out we will see Matty then loaned and/or transferred to Watford shortly after any move to Udinese, due to their ownership of both clubs. I understand they need time to look at things in detail, but it’s really becoming fucking farcical now. We are close to transfer windows opening, deals expiring etc so they’re hampering the new owners initial impacts and planning, as well as holding up Ashley’s dealings (while I don’t give a fuck about that they have a responsibility to be as fast as possible). They’ve had ample time by now, it’s irresponsible at this point imo. I understand people are leaning into the rumour they’re waiting for this report to be published, at the end of the day it’s only a guidance report and it’s not legally binding, they have a court ruling rejecting the link. There was also a lawyer on Twitter (I kna) who was saying although it seems clear in the report it’s a hard legal argument to join the BeoutQ - Arabsat - Saudi Royalty - PiF chain, which is what would be required to reject for this.
  24. Coronavirus

    Which we literally can't use to go anywhere, except maybe Portugal!
  25. Coronavirus

    Aye, but we’ve got Blue Passports, so, fuck you.
  26. Coronavirus

    just noticed that excess deaths are +8% in the south west but +41% in the north east. localised lockdowns are around the corner
  27. Coronavirus

    And then we have the farsically late introduction of quarantine when prevalence here is worse than anywhere else in the world? Literally holidaying in Spain would be a protection, if they were mad enough to take us (looks like only Portugal are that desperate). And the fucking insanity of Rees Mogg and the house of commons. And Brexit. We are in serious trouble here.
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