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  2. Coronavirus

    Decent dispatches on channel 4 now looking at the various fuck ups the government has made handling the cv crisis
  3. Coronavirus

    The silly cunt Rees Mogg will claim that it was all socially distanced but there were loads of photos posted online that proves that's bullshit. Mind, I would not at all put it past this lot to lie and claim that no one else needs to self isolate cos they all nailed the social distancing.
  4. Coronavirus

  5. Coronavirus

    I’m assuming that if he tests positive then every MP he was in contact with yesterday will have to self-isolate under track and trace rules?
  6. Recommend me something to watch!

    i'm just getting to end of the 3rd season, it doesn't disappoint.
  7. Today
  8. Coronavirus

    This could be the moment. Parliament back in lockdown.
  9. Coronavirus

    Gemmill's mate Sharma is self-isolating waiting for a test result. Rees-Mogg should be forced to do all the contact tracing, the stupid cunt.
  10. Coronavirus

    Dom’s kid managed a 6 hour car ride from London to Durham so sitting through a single film shouldn’t be a problem
  11. Coronavirus

    There's a lad on my Facebook who's hovering over a return flight booking to Madeira via Frankfurt so that he can stock up on cheap cigarettes. Says the 14-day quarantine would be worth it. What can you do.
  12. Coronavirus

    The sentiment is fine but ffs a vast majority of that crowd would give less of a fuck about other causes closer to home or hate various people around them. Had to get some medicine for the dog there and there's two mile queue for McDonald's beside the vets In a week or so there's a "drive in cinema" 30 quid a car showing toy story etc, no bogs etc open so good luck with kids sitting through that and holding it. Been one of those days where I could happily slap a load of people
  13. Precedent Trump

    Tbf , Trump shits his pants every day, hence the diapers.
  14. Precedent Trump

    I did laugh at what I saw on Instagram which was a guide about protecting yourself from COVID during protesting. By all means, go out and get shot in the throat with a rubber bullet but make sure to sanitise.
  15. Coronavirus

    I was back on site today and got a bit nervous tbh. Had to stop at least three gangs of lads just working right next to each other and bollock their supervisor for his “management” I.e sitting in the cabin eating biscuits
  16. It's funny that we're so desperate for positive news that some of us are suddenly calling Simon Jordan a straight talker who knows what he's talking about, when he said he'd be very surprised if it was blocked
  17. Coronavirus

    Be interesting to see what happens to Rees Mogg when there's an inevitable outbreak in Parliament and one of the MPs becomes a superspreader on their journey home. Although track and trace currently only works if you know the name and contact details of everyone you've come into contact with, so he might get away with it.
  18. Coronavirus

    Mental, isn’t it?
  19. Coronavirus

    I mean, I agree with the sentiment but fuck going on a demonstration right now. I don’t even fancy a trip to the supermarket let alone standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of randoms
  20. Coronavirus

    “Some lad from another country...” Howay man Ant
  21. Coronavirus

    I think these people need to check their White privilege and stop virtue signalling. Did I get that right, Rayvin?
  22. Precedent Trump

  23. Coronavirus

    What happened angered me and saddened me but it didn’t bother me as much as 62,000 excess deaths in the UK.
  24. Coronavirus

    Why doesn't anyone ask what the fuck all these travellers are coming to the UK for? There's no excuse for business reasons or tourism. Then why the hell would anyone negotiate an air bridge with one of the worst affected countries?
  25. Coronavirus

    Black lives matter rally in Belfast by a bunch of stupid cunts. We can't even sort getting on with each other over here and they've decided a gathering during a pandemic about some lad from another country is a good idea
  26. Coronavirus

    When Johnson reduces the two metre rule (yes he just said he wants to do that) I hope he runs it past the virus first.
  27. Coronavirus

    Johnson's a sinophile and doesnt approve of mocking chinese people based on their appearance! Did I hear that right?
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