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  2. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I agree (agree with KCG’s point about the second bidders too btw). The bit in bold in particular was doing my head in reading the chain, all of them including the knacker journo who put that in were acting like it was exactly 10-15 days these things take fucking ages. The group even said they were really hoping to get it done before the end of June, so it not being done in mid June doesn’t give us anything different to worry over than we had originally.
  3. New Strips?

    Kids version is nicer. Although how hard would this have been to make?
  4. Only in America

    The scary thing is, these are the ones caught on camera. Incidents like this are probably 1000 fold right across the states everyday. Must be fucking horrible being a black bloke, with some white racist copper screaming in your wife's face and knowing that if you so much as shout at him you will probably end up shot
  5. General Random Conversation..

    Have you seen Dawn Wall on Netflix? It’s as good.
  6. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Ah. My bad, and yes, I agree.
  7. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    My quote was in relation to the 2nd group. Pretty sure this is a known Ashley tactic to piss off buyers.
  8. General Random Conversation..

    Class Fist I watched that Free Solo the other week. Superb.
  9. Today
  10. New Strips?

    Striped sleeves. Its not rocket science.
  11. General Random Conversation..

    He wasn’t best pleased.
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    If it takes "at least 10-15 days" and we're on day 18, we don't have enough information to say anything about it. All he was told is it wouldn't take less than 10-15 days. I don't understand why the lack of news over something that we were advised would run on past the end of the month is getting to people. What do we want to know exactly? Which particular part of the due diligence they're up to? Clearly this is the most serious takeover bid we've received, and if it had fallen flat then surely the buyers would have revealed this. It may not happen but it can't have failed yet.
  13. General Random Conversation..

    You're right I'd get a lot of attention but I'm also so nails as to be unrapeable.
  14. New Strips?

    Not sure why they didn't hoy striped cuffs on too? Would be half decent without that stupidly big sponsor
  15. General Random Conversation..

    A cute guy like you would have your own shitting issues with all the attention you’d be getting in jail.
  16. New Strips?

    Looks alright with a Photoshop suite worth of filters and a model wearing it. Wait until Big Barry from Byker is wearing an XXL and bursting out of it at the match.
  17. General Random Conversation..

    I'd honestly rather be in jail.
  18. New Strips?

    They think we are stupid... Finally the back is stripped too and no all black
  19. General Random Conversation..

    Poor fuckin pipey Id imagine if it's a 40+ year old rig the record keeping & permit system will be all over the shop.
  20. New Strips?

    Yeah but the old one had stripes!
  21. New Strips?

    The colours are the same
  22. General Random Conversation..

    I’m back - was only 7 day trip. The biggest difference I found was the pace things are done- what would’ve taken 2 days onshore ( If I’d really dragged things out), took 4 days. We were there to cut and cap a small, redundant pipe under the deck- rig the ropes, set up rescue system, have the pipe fitter climb out and do the job ( 1hr max), de-rig, pack up, done. Except… the second he cut in to the (supposedly dead for years) pipe, oil started pissing out, all over him, the ropes, and in to the drink. Our rescue plan was to lower him in to the rescue boat, which was on standby. As soon as we radioed them to come underdeck and get him, they said the swell was to much and they couldn’t come in. So we went to our back-up plan and brought him back through the oil covered ropes to deck. The subsequent inquest was fun We had all the paperwork from the rig operators stating the pipe was isolated, empty, etc , when it clearly wasn’t. The rescue boat should have alerted us to the swell being too much before we started, which they didn’t. We were praised for dealing with it quickly and safely, having back-up plans in place etc, having the fitter in all his PPE, and getting him quickly back on deck. We then had to re-rig the whole thing with clean ropes, and go back out and do it again. All before the weather came in. Which we did. It was a lively first trip. ( Had a day “on standby” waiting for places in a chopper to get home, so tore the neck off it )
  23. New Strips?

    It's nothing like the 69 strip.
  24. New Strips?

  25. General Random Conversation..

    @Monkeys Fist hows it going on the rig? has it come off in your hand yet??...
  26. General Random Conversation..

    Had a mate who used to climb the big walls of the Alps. He and the others would shit into plastic bags suspended on the wall if necessary. Grim.
  27. Rafa Benitez

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