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  2. The Boxing thread

    https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=josh kelly&src=typd
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    They currently have a thread about how kids will be starting primary school and there hasn’t been a Newcastle win over the tramps in their lifetime. When someone pulled him up saying it’s been 8 years his response was “unless we get back to back promotions it will be though” they can’t honestly think they’re gaining some moral high ground on this as they’re too fucking shite to be in the same league as us.
  4. Today
  5. United v Soton

    Hooray, almost theoretically safe with three games to play. What a belter of a season. Fanks Mike.
  6. United v Soton

    Nah, I was in town for the match. Decent goal return for a relegated team though. He will get a move to a decent team no bother
  7. United v Soton

    There's some thick twats about
  8. United v Soton

    Almiron's is a hamstring so probably season over. Schar is being assessed this week apparently.
  9. United v Soton

    Questions now are: (1) How bad are the injuries to Almiron & Schar? (2) Will they miss our next match? (3) Will they play again this season? Sad if they are not available for the Liverpool game.
  10. United v Soton

    Looking beyond Ayoze's hat trick I see that Mitro ended a 9 game drought with a penalty today. Are you watching j69?
  11. United v Soton

    As well as being a cunt he was utter shite mind. Possibly our worst ever signing by value.
  12. United v Soton

    I was there again today. My win rate is fucking phenomenal this year, somehow always attending the matches we win and missing those we lose. I'm going to the Liverpool match too and will work out the win percentage then, and see if Ashley will pay me to come next year.
  13. Politics

    Slavoj Zizek vs Jordan Peterson:
  14. United v Soton

    Dutton motm
  15. United v Soton

    I was reading the Paul Ferris book the other day and he says Owen refused to play the last matches when we get relegated because he told the club if he injured nobody wanted to sign him. He didn't play against Fulham and only 20 minutes against Aston Villa the last match. And he was perfect fit in both.
  16. United v Soton

    Micheal Owen is a cunt.
  17. United v Soton

    Good first half, piss-poor second, looked like a different team had come out. Got to be a bit nail-biting after they scored, and looked like they may get another with all the corners we gave away and the possession they had. I thought Ki had a poor game and he should have been the one Diame replaced, if not sooner than he was. Injuries to Almiron and Schar didn't affect the game much, we were playing poorly in the second half with them on. Perez ......well what can I say, I've never been a fan of his but he's my hero today. Dutton had a good defensive game, put in some great tackles and blockages. Brilliant 3 points.
  18. United v Soton

    What’s he saying?
  19. United v Soton

    Rafa planting his flag pretty clearly on BT there
  20. United v Soton

  21. United v Soton

    Perez has been great since Almiron has arrived.
  22. United v Soton

    10 points clear of relegation. What an amazing season it has been. Massive thanks to Charnley and Ashley, just glad our training facilities didn’t cost us points. Dummett had a quality game as well, won nearly every header in the box.
  23. United v Soton

    3-1 doesn’t tell the whole story. We could have scored five but they have had the better of it this half and probably should have had three themselves. Deserved win though. Perez is buzzing and so will a sun drenched toon be the neet
  24. United v Soton

    Showboating now. Trolling
  25. United v Soton

    Wijnaldum in 2015 v Norwich apparently, so yonks ago
  26. United v Soton

    Holy shit. When was the last time one of ours got a hat trick?
  27. United v Soton

    Get the FUCK in Ayoze, excellent hat trick. Fuck off you bunch of cheating bastards, would be happy to see them go down.
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