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    I’ve read the guys ‘update’ and it confirms that he’s an idiot that doesn’t understand the subject he’s talking about. Just a ‘student’ who thinks he’s clever because his fancy dan lecturer told him he was special.
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    … which is when he holds up a Dulux colour chart next to his nose, on the brown page
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    Aye. Shola in division three in his black & white top belting goals past the Mackems will be a dream come true for him
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    Just what we need. A striker who only scores penalties in a team that never gets penalties.
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    Would also really fuck up his bargaining power if it was true unless the deal is signed, sealed, delivered and then we'd already know that. So it really is beyond stretching it.
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    Aye you’re right they either sell stock or have a debt financing by selling bonds if they want to increase their capital to invest, takeover another company, etc. A buyback is usually to regain controlling percentage and as you’ve mentioned about the biggest shareholder possibly expecting a lump so has sought greater control being the source of this is what I think the author is trying to hint at. Sadly as ewerk says that sort of funding would come from Sports Direct Intl’s Retained earnings. If it was MASH holdings it could be more likely that it was coming through Ashley (depending how it was structured, I don’t know how Ashley has his holding company structured), even then I think it’d be a bit of a stretch.
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    The money for a buyback won't come from Ashley though. It will come from Sports Direct's retained earnings.
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    Rodwell will be earning a fortune there
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    They got 30 million in the summer from Pickford and spent 250k of it on Mcgeady. They haven't got the money to spend if they didn't do it then and no one is gonna bid for their players as this season has just proved how bad they are.
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    The sad bastards think Jeff ' gurning face ' Brown is employed by the BBC to even things up.His accent alone should be enough to keep him off air.
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    To be fair, there's no need to blow smoke up their arses. They're absolutely shite, they have no money, a squad full of alcoholic poltroons & an empty stadium riddled with crisp packets & pink seats. They'll lose their best player this window and nobody will want to go there. I'd be amazed if they don't go down. Yours Sincerely, Mag In Peace #Ftm
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    Why won't you answer his simple question about why we haven't signed anybody!?!?!
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    Not remotely like Leazes, Leazes Lite, Provisional Leazes or even I Can't Believe It's Not Leazes.
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    You would want me banned because i have a different opinion i finf that very bizzare
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    harsh The lad is just passionate about his club albeit getting a little carried away.
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    As great as that deal would've been for us it makes no sense for Ashley to accept it. If he does then hes bound to one of two things, paying them back the money if the sale doesn't go through or definitely selling to them on a deal that isn't fully agreed yet. Both of those take away Ashleys control over a thing he owns that hes looking to get the maximum value for.
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    Realistically, I think Fish wants them to implode as much as we do, but his RTG commitments have compromised him to a degree. He's being watched, so he has to behave here as he would there. Deep down, he knows they're staring death in the face, and he's fucking loving it
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    Saw that, @TheGingerQuiff!

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