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    You would think by all this satirical wit, Shakespeare himself had been here for a shit. (quoted from the netty door at Clarke Chapmans circa 1948)
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    Marathon and Snickers? That's a red flag right there. No way any of this actually happened.
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    Too risky to have fire around that many polyester tracksuits.
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    There's a 13 year old in 1987 wanting their joke back.
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    He’s like one of those wingers where they say the opposition doesn’t know what he’s going to do because he doesn’t even know
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    Sunderland are being bought by a Newcastle fan https://twitter.com/sunechosafc/status/982272466868490240
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    He'll get sold from under Rafas nose mate.
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    Forsooth, yonder curr the darstadly Moyes Noelie is so old it looks like he was in the same English class as Shakespeare...
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    My wife will be keeping his memory alive tonight.
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    I do love me a bit of Marina Hyde https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/lostinshowbiz/2018/apr/05/the-great-british-tv-chefs-rotating-midlife-crisis?CMP=share_btn_tw
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    our love for rafa makes a mockery of the sky cliches about the demanding newcastle fans who only want entertaining football and who would rather we lost 4-3 than drew 0-0. rafa is pragmatic. the football can be dour to watch at times, and very negative depending on the opposition, but the players buy into his philosophy and work their socks off for him. that's what we want to see.
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    Judged by the standards of their day I'd say it's a lot closer.
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