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    The situation is utterly expected but still fucking galling. We’ve come to the end of the road here imo, to a point where NUFC is fucking pointless to support. I might be just being a mopey cunt here, but basically if there was ever going to be one iota of ambition every shown it would be now. We have a top class manager, who got the club back up at the first time of asking on a net profit, or low net spend (I don’t remember as that counts for nowt with ownership anyway as they’ll always just say we have fuck all), kept the club in the PL with a tight budget. We should have a surplus of cash, instead he’s told we are still paying off the one season we spent down there. How the fuck do clubs survive if that’s the case? How have fucking Fulham come up to the PL after donkeys years out and immediately bought Seri, a player who was almost signed by Barca 12 months ago. If the stories that Benitez was offered a five year deal but turned it down as he wanted assurances about control over the youth set up are true, this club is completely and utterly fucked. I rarely say this about people but I’m getting to the point where I just wish this cunt would just die. I know it sounds harsh but what is he doing here? It’s a massive part of people’s lives this football club and he’s fucking on with it as if it’s one of his fucking tatty shops. It’s just so fucking annoying to sit and watch him fuck over any good chance for the football club to be good, for no reason whatsoever. Just give Benitez a budget man, it doesn’t have to be outrageous or even what other clubs are spending but anything is better than hamstringing him to the point he’s getting frees, loanees, and priced out of moves for Solomon fucking Rondon. Im just curious as to what he expects when Rafa does leave. He can’t honestly be thick enough to think it’ll be okay this time? I know he’s done some abhorrent stuff before but there was always a glimmer of hope to cling to, a feeling that we would spend or do something but once Rafa leaves next summer it’ll be clear to everyone it’s never getting better. What the fuck runs through your head where you allow Steve McClaren to spend a wedge (under this wanker anyway) and give Rafa Benitez nowt?
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    Perfectly put, Howay. They’ll still be discussing the renaissance on RTG whilst Donald & Co are finalising their plans for a housing estate on the training ground
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    Aye, the plan seemed to be just get control of it and then figure out how to get the backing. A really fucking idiotic plan, which I hope and expect will spectacularly backfire and see that rotten, fucking cesspool of a football club even lower down the league. To a level far more befitting that shit show of a town.
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    Here's how much difference it'll make:
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    I'm not sure about wishing for his death. We'd only be taken over by one of his cunt kids who would rename the stadium the Mike Ashley Arena.
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    He knows Rafa won't agree to sign without signings coming in so it's his get out, i.e. the manager wouldn't sign a new contract so I couldn't risk investing much money. He'll bank on Rafa being able to keep us up and he'll take it from there. It's typical of his short-termist approach, i.e. just another calculated gamble to get the club through the next 12 months or so. Genuinely hate him
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    If a football club exists to entertain its supporters and compete for trophies, then there’s no point to us and hasn’t been for a long time. I dont think Ashley gives a fuck about anything other than the finances, and is only our owner because his greed or pride won’t permit him to sell up for less than a massive profit. Since he overpaid in the first place, we’re stuck with him and the club is being slowly but surely strangled by hus stupidity and indifference. Supporting a club is ultimately pointless without hope, however misplaced it might be. With Ashley there’s little hope of better days ahead, we will always be cut price also rans at best.....and with this fucking clown show, we’re only ever a mclaren or kinnear away from disaster. Once Benitez walks - as he surely will sooner or later - we will be royally fucked. I’m sorry to go full Trooper but I don’t see better days ahead until Ashley fucks off and that might depend solely on the strength of his cardiac system.
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    “Debt free marras” predictably lasted a few weeks. Glad the dozy cunts have had that bubble burst.
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    I agree, he is a horrible nasty cunt. I think he’s stubbornly holding out for a big profit on his shares, and it suits him to make mugs of the supporters in the meantime. Probably gives him a hard on tbh
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    Wonder if Mako approves of the #IfRafaGoesWeGo movement. Probably not because it's not one of his ideas.
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    If I could pick one big western country who'd be the most susceptible to a sleeker, modern day Nazism it would definitely be the US if only for the vast militarisation of their country, the countless flags, the national obsession and bottom lip trembling patriotism. It also helps the more thick cunts around as well.
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    Yeah but the football genius didn't exactly strengthen our bargaining power by making it clear the club had to sell before it could buy
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    I got tickets to see John Carpenter in concert playing all of his film scores. As big trouble in little China is one of my favourite films I've paid extra to get a picture with him and a couple of posters signed
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    The Mike Ashley stand
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    This'll do for the morning.
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    Ffs, couldn’t we just go into one season without a feeling of impending doom?
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    "Class" From the bloke that brushed off Trophyshy's redundancy with absolutely no compassion. Not to mention that your favourite hobby is logging on here to wind people up about the things they're passionate about. When it was football, you could pass it off as you being a typical armchair gobshite but when it's politics or Brexit, and you're wilfully pushing people's anxieties over wages, healthcare and their children's futures, it crosses the line from harmless contrariness to you just being a grossly unlikable character. And then you come on with your photos of hot tubs or whatever that big paddling pool was and it becomes apparent that your whole out-facing personality is based directly on the most contemptible Tories imaginable. Hoping that a veneer of wacky purchases and Dear Diary bullshit ramblings help cover up a festering pit of genuinely detestable views and a total lack of empathy, understanding and a "I'm alright, Jack" stripe running right down your back.

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