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    Got to be wearing those hideous Nike trainers, hockling randomly on the pavement, and speaking with that unintelligible nasal jawdee. Bonus points for an ankle tag.
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    To be fair, I think 90% of the press have turned the corner now that they realise that he’s even treat a man with Rafa’s stature and respect like shit. Finally, they’ve realised that we might be justified in our complaints after all. Fuck them tbh. They can save their sympathy for someone else; you don’t get back in the good books because you’ve said a few nice things after actually listening to us for once.
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    Quelle surprise. it was to be expected. The preposition of only selling the club to only sell to someone „to take the club forward“ from someone neglecting to invest in the club and publicly trying to convince supporters that it is damaging to compete is an insult. Ever since the first actions after Keegan‘s resignation and the multitude attempts of selling the club I have said it is down to the owner. Ashley is doing things out of spite as long as they do not impact himself. Only when that is kicking in He will sell the club.
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    That one was from the Popbitch mailout, at least, so I can't claim any kind of responsibility for digging it up.
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    And some people complained about Rafas football
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    What about the heatproof charvas? 29°C, blazing sunshine, bowling along in a full shell suit, zipped up to the neck, with a woolly hat on. Goes without saying that both varieties- sunshine and heatproof, walk at silent movie pace …
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    Dont worry Burnley would want £10 million compensation for him
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    Beckham being begrudgingly impressed by that goal there
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    Fuck. That.
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    Extra charva marks if he had his trackie bottoms tucked into his socks
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    My cousin is a Wycombe wanderers fan. He has a bet on every game through an online account, just accumulating winnings as he goes. He was £12 up at the end of the season. He whacked the lot on 1 spin on of an online slot and won £20k
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    I feel like my years have piss-taking have warranted this response, fair play.
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    Sounds good, quite fancy that.… Is your Dad free at weekends or does he do weekdays as well?

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