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    Don't know. Are we 45-55s the last generation with a pathetic empire complex?? Probably not now thanks to the internet. Hate spreads so quickly. But it still remains a tiny minority who are properly motivated. Trouble is there are powerful people telling your average common or garden bar room bigot that their hate is justified and that all they need to do is put their cross in the right box and very, very complex problems like delivering on a narrow mandate an act there was no plan for and was obviously impossible to deliver partly due to the moronically binary question that was asked will be resolved with the minimum of fuss and bother and their lives will be great from now on. It's fuckin ridiculous how easily people are manipulated, that's what gives me the horrors.
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    My mackem senses are tingling.
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    History books of the future- “ The Brexit War saw a crushing loss to the Gammonheads at The Battle of Romford Wetherspoons, where over 90% of the aging BAU Gammon Army failed to turn up for battle as Bombardier was on special at £2 a pint. The ensuing massacre saw the People’s Popular Remain Leftist Coalition Liberation Front For Change sweep through the drunken ranks, brandishing vegan snacks at those still capable of running, and mildly rebuking the immobile in to submission.”
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    My patience with leave/Tory voters is spent now like. If you vote for this now, you are actively voting to harm the country by putting a serial liar and bully into power, a man who only cares about being in power and will say or do anything to get it. You are choosing to ignore all evidence of companies going under due to Brexit, all the warnings of medicine supplies, food prices, all the fucking chaos this has caused, and the harm that has been done simply because it's all anyone has been able to focus on - just so that you can say you were right and can avoid admitting that maybe, just maybe, when you voted for this you had no fucking idea what you were voting for because you're politically ignorant - something that isn't directly your fault because the Tories and right wing press designed you that way, but which is your responsibility to resolve once realised - at the expense of literally the entire country and 60 million lives.
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    People are falling for these tactics straight out of the Bannon/Cummings playbook. Trick is to remain calm. Johnson knows what he's doing but can't keep this shit up. Am not naive enough to buy his "Tim nice but dim" schtick either but I think he's just another useful idiot for the Alt right puppeteers and he can't keep being a cunt to everyone, he's basically a clueless coward with no firm ultra right wing ideology to drive himself further down into the sewer. He'll break at some point.
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    The idea of gammons causing civil war is really funny to me, someone’s diabetic uncle kicking off isn’t civil war
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    They’ve done it too early, it’s going to be a fair whack of bullshit on this one to keep the story running until the January window closes.
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    The brochure they are shopping about refers to Bruce as "unparalleled in European competition". It was clearly Rafa in there originally and they've done a cut and paste job with Bruce Their aim is to get us in the top 10 and turn a profit for the owners. Sounds dreamy
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    They won't outright but i still think their strategy is the right one, leave the Lib Dems to take the extreme remainers and Labour can try to hoover up everyone else. I think victory can be achieved in a GE or in a referendum, but the latter is the safer bet. At least I think it is. 72% of 2017 Labour leave voters said they wouldnt vote Tory under any circumstances. It's a hard nut to crack for Johnson.
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    More bullshit about the above bullshit. BBC gives more detail on Naga Munchetty ruling https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49837511
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    Austerity didn't cause the south East outside London to vote leave. That's just pure little englander nostalgia and racism.
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    there's one thing this referendum should show is is there is no place in this country for direct democracy. what a fucking shambles.
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    At least he's taking the release well.
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    Aye. This. With bells on.
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    i'm not sure he will lose the election - trump won one using these tactics. but even if he doesn't, it feels to me like we these are unchartered waters. if there is a referendum and the result is overturned, or A50 is revoked, things could get much, much more sinister. there are darker forces than johnson waiting in the wings to capitalise if the "will of the people" is denied. ok, it's a global trend. the rise of strong man populism is happening all over the world but aren't you surprised it's happening here? the way johnson went on the attack last night, without a shred of humility, the language he used, was right out of the trump playbook and it felt like a turning point. the brits are supposed to be pragmatic, conservative and sensible. markets are looking what is happening here right now like we're an emerging economy. we're known for stability not political crisis.
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    Parliament votes against a recess for the Tory party conference. Parliament 7:0 Johnson
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    What do you mean? It seems unlikely to me that the Tories will hang onto him if he loses an election. It's not even very clear to me that they'll hang onto him if we don't leave by October 31st. He's very vulnerable, which is why he's doubling down so hard. I think once Brexit is resolved, things will settle down - which is why the sooner we have that referendum, the sooner Boris loses his legitimacy to campaign on behalf of "the people" - either his thunder is stolen, or the people change their minds.
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    Boris isn’t going anywhere. And last night he went full Trump. I don’t think this new, darker style of populist strongman politics is going to go away overnight, regrettably
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    well, he only knows four guitar chords, stands to reason he’ll only know four piano notes.
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    They've got popular musician Ed Sheeran to design a new Blue Peter badge. The piano keyboard on popular musician Ed Sheeran's Blue Peter badge is wrong.
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    I can't believe she is still alive. She seemed ancient when I left the UK in 2000
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    Also going to add that no one on the Brexit side now, IMO, believes that it's for the good of the country. As evidenced by the constantly shifting goalposts on 'what the people originally voted for'. Just fucking admit that you don't care what happens as long as you get your way.
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    The fact that he’s probably our best source for goals at the minute is the most damning thing of all.
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