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    Public Service Announcement
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    It'll be loosely based on repeating/familiar phrases taken from your search history
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    Always nice to hear the dulcet tones of Andy Gray lambasting the linesman for 15 minutes that Peacock’s goal wasn’t over the line until eventually conceding that it was.
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    You ever tried playing snooker without a ball?
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    I’ve lived down here for nigh on 20 years and, while I love the place and will probably always live here, I agree with you. Whenever I come back up, I’m always struck by the warmth of people in Newcastle to strangers (even little things like people calling you pet).
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    Alabama- she’s probably her own sister. Yank mackems.
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    They do. Poor attempt to confuse everyone and get a cheap laugh cos it makes no odds anyway and nobody knows what day it is. MF - the only way to get hand sanitizer round our way at the mo is to summon the underground dealers of Gateshead and promise them the contents of the Controlled Drug cupboard. Normally I’d say it’s the best night of the year to be at work but..
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    Looks a bit like Louis CK if his mother was on a lot of thalidomide.
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    I thought they went forward.
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    Aye just seen this on YouTube. No social distancing in the first place with the dicks behind him, then cunto hands them all a pen. He is just the fucking worst person imaginable for this situation. Watching him actually say out loud that state governors need to be nice to him if they want him to provide them with ventilators. And genuinely seeming to think that people in those states will understand that it's their governor's fault, not his, if they end up short. It's. Fucking. Insane.
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    You don't understand. This lockdown is going to destroy entire families and I'm going to be there to mop up the pieces/console all these lonely MILFS
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    Cole, Shearer, Sir Les, Bellamy, Joselu
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    Bet you get more of this kind of thing in small towns too:
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    Aye Ron Howard. Gets in all his films.
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    Gemmill / Ritchie Cunningham (if it’s the kid off Gentle Ben).
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    The Prime Minister should be tested indeed, as he is a key worker in the whole situation. I have an issue with Prince Charles getting one though since he is an irrelevance. I do think it's fair for Johnson to take some flack for being part of successive governments which failed to properly fund the system that is taking such good care of him.
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    I'm drinking a couple of bottles of corona on my days off at best or not at all as I seem to have a lingering headache from a head cold. No temperature or coughs so online 111 says no covid 19 virus. I can't even get pissed.
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    This looks to be where the UK have gone wrong from Day 1.
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    Catch the train to London, stopping at Rejection, Disappointment, Backstabbing Central, Shattered Dreams Parkway and Corona Avenue.
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    Surprising, given the close, mutual respect “both” teams have for each other.
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    I can show you one man who doesn’t think much of the ‘advice’.

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