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  1. I was home from Denmark a couple of years back and the wife and myself went to see Ricky Gervais at the sunderland empire. After the gig we got lost for a while trying to find where we'd parked. My wife, who's Danish, made my night when she casually said that she had been in East Berlin before the wall came down and she thought that sunderland look more deprived.
  2. Bit of advice for the pair of you. Straighten up your baseball caps, untuck your tracky bottoms from your socks, it's not a good look, and get a life
  3. Fucking hell this thread has made me seriously homesick. Left Newcastle in 1989 at the tender age of 22. This has brought back so many memories of simpler times
  4. That should endear them to the Leeds fans.
  5. Don't get why we keep going for defenders where that seems to be the best functioning part of the side this season.
  6. You cant really blame the players for that though can you? If you were told you were going to get £100k a week for doing what you do would you say "Nah" of course you wouldnt. I don't blame the players. You're right if some bugger would give me that kind of cash I'd rip their hands of as well. I blame TV and the governing bodies for allowing it to spiral so far out of control.
  7. Can't argue with that. Sums up pretty much why I've fallen out of love with the sport. I watch very little if nothing that isn't Toon related. Money has fucked up footall. Apart from the hooligan element the sport was much more fun in the 80's. Thickets earning 100 grand a week because they can kick a ball is fucking mental.
  8. .....and who are we going to play in defense pray tell?
  9. beckham had a huge hissy fit at the end of the first half... walked over to the supporters section of the galaxy and told them to fuck off... he then asked one fan to come down to where he was... the fan jumped the barrier and was escorted out... Yet some smart arse still took their kids with them wearing the Milan Beckham shirts!!
  10. I reckon without sounding pessimistic it's possible (no I haven't been doing drugs) we are coming to the end of everything, and the sad thing is if that's the case we never got to see us winning a trophy. Everything is bad in the world at the moment, 15 years ago everything seemed better, and a lot of the ills of the world are seeping in to football. When you're talking about £40m for an unproven Argentinian who I thinks shite anyway (Aguerro) you know it's fucked up. The only way football will get better is if wage caps and budget caps are implemented, otherwise football is dead officially
  11. I wish this bollocks would sort itself out soon I'm getting bored.
  12. Something really fucking stinks about all of this
  13. Aye! You might be looking at our potential first team squad for next season. Wee Ken Jyn General Manager - Thailand I wonder if he's Scottish ? Litttle Scottish african bloke
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