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  1. A right to success.

  2. Work wanks

    Liar, I've heard the moans from across town....oooh, debit, aaahh credit, hmm stop it you naughty suspense account you!
  3. Harper Signs New Deal

    I have heard he is on an unbelievable deal - I believe £500k is well short of the mark!
  4. A joke from Smeeag

    Aaaaah, Bobby's jokes - excellent!
  5. Gemmill's out the closet?

    But you are fruit, right? You like a bit of fudge up your choccy-locker, aye?
  6. bramble

    It was a classic Bramble performance on Saturday, I said to my mate beside me after 20 minutes - "look at Bramble, he is wandering all over the place like he is in a daze - he is definetely going to have one of those days" - and unfortunatley I was right. The guy has the physical attributes but none of the mental attributes needed to be a top class defender.
  7. What the hell has happened to N-O?

    Yep, I just had a look at a few of the recent bannings..my god.
  8. What the hell has happened to N-O?

    I'm not quite sure what's going on, the mods have gone from "Don't like it? Tough, it's crucial to the forum" to "OK, if it goes, it goes, I didn't care about it anyway". I can only assume Mr Admin has made a royal visit to the forums, seen the mods acting like rampaging chimps and overruled them. It's even starting to look like people wont have to have their thread rubber stamped by some emotionally crippled adolescent before it appears in the NUFC forum Agreed mate agreed.
  9. Gemmill's out the closet?

    Has he put weight on in that picture, something is different
  10. Gemmill's out the closet?

    Amusing but totally out of order, when the Mods get talked down to that's how they reply!
  11. What the hell has happened to N-O?

    That's it, I've had it, I tried to stick it out but its gone mod f*cking tastic over there with a touch of looney tunes!
  12. South Africa set new world record

    It was quite amusing (not for an aussie mind) at one point in the game when they put up on the big screen the fact that Lewis had become the most expensive bowler in the history of ODI's. How to kick a man when he is down!
  13. Shola wants the number 9..

    He must have taken too much Lucozade!!!
  14. Ticket Pricing Practices

    My lass' brother is going, even though he is a mackem, sometimes I do feel for him, they do even worse than us down there and as most of us know its a long way back! But then he will come out with some p*sh like Owen is cr*p and my sentiment dissapears quite quickly!
  15. how long left then?

    Ramage at left back is a nonesense! you can't expect a player of his experience, who is right footed and a CB to play in the premiership in the specialist role of LB. Yeah Taylor did it a couple of times, but it doesn't mean it was ideal and in fact it really weakens our already weak defence. I just don't understand the mentality that presumes that we can just 'stick' players in other positions to 'fill a gap' and that we will get away with it.

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