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  1. 1. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being "Over the moon", how happy are you with this years' performance? 2 2. Your favourite performance of the season? Spurs Away 3. Worst performance? Birmingham at home or AZ away 4. Best goal? Martins v Spurs 5. Worst goal conceeded? Too many to count 6. Best Player? Milner 7. Worst player? Ramage or Bramble 8. Most improved player? Butt 9. Most disappointing player? Duff 10. If you could have one match to re-play again, which would it be? AZ away 11. What would you consider as our luckiest perfomance? Man Utd at home 12. Realistic goals for next season? UEFA Cup places 13. Biggest suprise of the past season? Flirting with relegation, thought we'd be at least secure in mid-table 14. Biggest disappointment? Pretty much the entire season. The manner of the cup exits to Birmingham and AZ being the peak 15. Which player do you see as making the biggest improvement next year? Milner, looks like he can really progress 16. Which single (realistic) signing would you most like to see us make? Ben Haim 17. Which peripheral player do you see as breaking into the main team next season? Edgar at a push 18. Which player is most likely to leave? Bramble, Onyewu, Moore. 19. Your favourite (not necessarily the "best") player this year? Milner 20. What is the main area the team needs to improve to gain UEFA Cup Qualification next year? Defensively, up front and more goals from midfield
  2. I'd take both under current circumstances.
  3. On the subject of defenders Bernard is currently without a club, would anyone else take him back as cover at left back?
  4. It's a completely pointless signing, he mostly played as an attacking mid for City, hardly what we needed.
  5. I doubt we're looking at him, it'll probably be his agent trying to generate some interest in the player.
  6. I'd take Sol, he didn't have the best of times last season, but there's no doubt in my mind he's a quality defender. Plus his experience could really help Taylor further develop as a player.
  7. Predictable link after they way he played yesterday, looked like a cracking player!