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  1. Haha - was just about to come on and say there the chronicle posting the breaking story 4 hours after every cunt found out !!!
  2. There’s reports on twitter baldy charnley is in Nice finalising the move for Allan Saint Maximim.........
  3. Didn't threaten their goal at all and didn't look like winning and in the end didn't deserve anything out the game. Poor performance, Perez, Joselu were particularly bad and Atsu, Ritchie, Hayden etc weren't too far behind. Gayle and Shelvey should be starting against Liverpool next weekend.
  4. If we had drawn 0-0 it would have felt like points dropped. We looked the more likely to score throughout the game. Elliot, Gamez, Clark, Lascelles, and Merino were solid. Great away win, definitely deserved.
  5. Never seen him play, hope he does well for us.
  6. That's Semedo signed for Villarreal there. The Eibar defender must be the favoured option then?
  7. Watching him tonight and I've a massive smile on my face knowing we got £30 million for that useless cunt.
  8. This. If you are a striker then you should be able to take a penalty fs. Speaking of which, according to Martin Tyler, Harry Kane was meant to take the penalty that Knockaert took and missed and then Watford went up the pitch and scored. But that cunts just went and scored a hattrick against Leicester tonight and has now got the most goals in the division so.........
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39962116 The most important game of the season and you can't even muster up the baws to take a penalty.
  10. I fancy Reading to comfortably beat Huddersfield and then go straight back down next year with Brighton and Watford.
  11. I think that was the inflated quote because it was the January transfer window. If we bid something like £10m then they would accept it - I don't think he would be worth it right enough.
  12. That's the same with me. Lost interest in FM17 after about a week.
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