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  1. As a fellow Manc I have to say the fight brought abit of a saddness to be honest the lad does loads for charity in around the city and to see him beaten like that made me feel sick . Hope he retires on the two defeats and excepts two of this generations greatest fighters beat him fair and square. Mayweather vs The Pacman What a fight The king of the defence against the king of offence only one winner for me Mayweather
  2. What about that blue and white one with every players name in the strip you had? Hope Man Younaaaaaaaaaaaaaatid win the European Cup mate, always thought your club even with Keane was less hateable than Liverpool. LOL!!! Yeah mate cheers for the support we have a huge task tonight there going to throw the kitchen sink at us arnt they . Back to the kits I had that blue and white one thought it was wicked at the time but looking at it now looks like a pair of pj's
  3. Always liked the Newcastle home kit to be honest but you have had a few dodgy away kits down th years like that Navy blue and maroon hooped kit from the Ginola days lol!!
  4. I joined up to voice my views on Joey Barton to be honest the lad is a disgrace to the English game after watching him smash the hell out of that kid on the cctv camera he should of been sack full stop . Maybe the media have overeacted about the tackle but he was on his last chance and by showing his crazy side again he has shown that he hasnt changed one bit. Newcastle should keep the dignity and sack him .
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