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  1. Whilst your right about the 38 games and being in the bottom 3 etc,ive seen us play Sunderland,Blkburn,Boro and Bolton and there aint no way your worse than that lot! Some of that stuff was pure Sunday league!
  2. Believe me nobody sits with their head in their hands more than me when i hear some of the bollox fellow Spurs fans come out with!
  3. Firstly im a Spurs fan,but dont let that put you off,secondly i never post on other teams forums but i had to come on and wish you all well for Sunday. I have just listened to Weds 606 phone in and heard all the crap from other fans wanting rid of the Toon stating arrogant fans etc etc,we all know these are the same gobshites who have never been anywhere near St James,the place is special as are the fans. I have been to St James every year bar 1 since you came up,seen some great games ie the 3-3 with Klinsmann etc,been on the end of some real hidings (you know the 1 i mean!) but no matter wh
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