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  1. Nee fucker proof read the thing thats for sure. After a quick flick through I noticed a few spelling mistakes and general errors.
  2. I've got no problem him taking the Mackem job, big pay rise and money to spend. He'd be daft not to take it. He's still a a cunt though.
  3. Can anyone put their finger on why they don't like Bruce? I've never been able to figure it out why I dislike the cunt so much. Decent manager who'll do ok, whole different ball game having money to spend though.
  4. I think you've missed my point, his outlay for Pompey will be pretty much on par with what he was quoted for us. We already had the fan base and the income with a lesser wage ratio. I am a little suspicious of the quotes when things don't really add up.
  5. Doesn't reading that just feel like a kick in the clems... Is that quote genuine? I thought he had just bought Pompey and guaranteed 300m or so for a new stadium, not exactly miles away from the investment required for us.
  6. First reports are that they wanted us to reduce our overdraft, which they are totally entitled to. Having this facility isn't debt- only if we use it. If we were fully using our overdraft and it is going to be reduced to £20m then we need to get it down quickly. I would add that this seems a huge amount of money for a club with our turnover. It is also unusual to have a mortgage in place (as Barclays have) just for an overdraft. I think what could be in place is a working capital facility with a clause that reduces in the event of relegation. Nothing unusual in that really. This is more li
  7. I sometimes lay in bed laughing and Mrs P says..."What is it"? Well nobody could understand it could they? The daft thing is I actually enjoy it. Bare with me I know it sounds stupid, but what is football all about? - memories really, its entertainment for the working classes. The club has given me some cracking memories to look back on and argue about, not all good. I would absolutely hate to be a club that trundles along with nothing really happening - ever. Take your shitty clubs that have stability and structure and shove them up ya arse*, I know which
  8. If it's true about Ashley writing off the debt owed to him and the £100m being an all in price I can see a lot of interest in the club. If the accounts are clear I doubt it would take that long to get the legalities sorted. What a pantomime...
  9. I'm glad you mentioned that. I can't help but feel that the longer the negotiations take the less chance there is of Shearer being hired. There is if he buys / fronts the bid for the club. It may be a case of chairman Shearer though, just a guess on the latter part.
  10. Shearer the middle man for Shepherd? Some other fella, don't know who.
  11. Fucking hell I hope not. Shepherd bled black and white though, that is the thing. Sniffign about as part of a consortium with a shit load of others, doesn't sound a good set up.
  12. You know that Harris fella, he's been tot the training ground hasn't he? Strange the bloke charged with getting the club sold is in and around the negotiations of a new manager.................... Theres also no chance the new managers terms and conditions takes over a week to sort out..................................
  13. I'd put money on that they would have been got shot of in any event. No way does it take 120 less permanent staff to run the club now were in the Championship. Everything was going to be contracted out iirc.
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