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  1. Post Season Interview Questions

    Thanks very much for the quick responses. Good luck for next year.
  2. Hi Guys, My name is Jamie and I help run an Everton forum called Toffee Talk. I run little interviews with fans before most games and I'm now compiling a post season interview section for the site. If anyone could take a few moments to answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated. (Oh and please don't take offense to question 4, i'm not trying to wind anyone up, Its a serious question) Anyway... 1- What would your assement of your season be in comparison with your pre-season hopes and expectations? 2- What would your season highlight be? 3- What would your season low-light be? 4- A large majority of footballer suporters seem to have taken a certain degree of glee in your downfall this season. Why do you think that this is and what do you think needs to be done to change peoples perception of the club and its supporters? 5- Would do you need to bring in during the summer and who would you like to see leave the club? 6- What should the aim for next season be? Thanks again. Any responses would be much appreciated.

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