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  1. Chelsea confirm that midfielder Gael Kakuta has signed for Bolton on loan
  2. Dont speak much here but Thank you Chris for everything you have done for Newcastle you brought the squad back together and got them playing some beautiful football.
  3. feeling this season one week we will play like greek gods the next week like greek waiters.
  4. fuck love it great way to finish off the weekend
  5. you can tell its summer we will have our weekly end of the week statement for the summer months
  6. Is the match on tv? don't sky sports usually do championship football on a Friday.
  7. Maybe the fat man is helping out a fellow cockney get more money by faking a newcastle interest to drive up the price and in no doubt some dirty business deal in the back ground
  8. 2-0 to the toon, home for the holidays we got to win
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