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  1. It's going to be all praise for Shelvey but Perez has been insane tonight. Great performance and showing his worth.
  2. Any of our recent managers would have had us shut up shop at 2 nil. Rafa no - and we're stil pushing forward. Great times for us
  3. The goal in 1st haf disallowed was onside so works out
  4. Goal of the month for sure
  5. Holy - Shelvey the beast!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Has to be tactical based on Rafa's research - it's working
  7. wonder where Murphy is. Be good to give Atsu some decent time on the pitch in the 2nd half - be interesting to see what he brings.
  8. Rafa is creating something v v special
  9. Shelvey sounds like he's on it tonight
  10. Perez!!!!! or Shelvey!!!!!!!
  11. Ticket for QPR

    Thanks - will give that a try.
  12. Ticket for QPR

    Hi - does anyone have/know someone with 1 spare ticket for QPR please?

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