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  1. Give Mike Ashley the presidents job!
  2. James McCarthy yeah? Good shout, looks really promising. We havn't a hope of getting Phil Jones though, one of the big 4/5 will have him. Yeah, if Wigan went down we would have a decent chance of getting him. Could really develop into a top class player!
  3. I would like Samba, McCarthy, Ba, Phil Jones and Morten Gamst Pederson. Samba will likely be off to a more ambitious team than us. McCarthy I feel would be an amazing signing since every time I see him play he seems to improve. Ba would give us a decent option up top. Jones is a promising player and MGP would give us a bit of versatility to play on the wings.
  4. Coming down for the first time this season with a couple of mates, any advice on the best places to head on a Sunday (pre and post match)?
  5. He can finish, but he is the laziest player I have ever set eyes on. Could be worth a chance though espescially as he will be goin on the cheap.
  6. Stirling Albion to beat Arbroath - Stirling are one of the stronger teams in that league and Arbroath only have 10 fit players. Charlton to beat Stockport - Stockport are pish, Charlton are decent.
  7. My only other team are Montrose as that's my hometown. Shit team, shit support, shit owners, shit football and shit grounds. But I fooking love it
  8. Just so you know, Hibs might have won the game but St Johnstone supposedly played them off the park and hit the post and bar multiple times.
  9. I would take Bobo Balde, no frills defender who isn't scared to put himself through a player for the cause.
  10. No agenda. The rest of your thread is there for all to see. I have pointed this out already. If you didn't have an agenda, why did you say the stuff backed up your pre-conceived notions of NUFC fans then? Especially when those views were not in the least way representative of the views on here? What I said was most fans that I had come across in my town. Many of them up here are arrogant and your club for that very reason is not popular amongst supporters of many clubs in Scotland. Sad for your club and the numerous good supporters you most likely have, but nonetheless true in my exper
  11. I was critical of Krul after his time in Scotland and didn't think he would make it but by fuck he went about proving me wrong the day. Class from the moment he came on. Well played son.
  12. Working in a whisky bar I have went through a fair few of the more exclusive ones after work. By far the best I have had was 77 vintage Highland Park. Pricey for a dram, but mine was free .
  13. I certainly would count him in the same class of manager as Fergie, Shankly, Stein, Busby, Paisley and Souness.
  14. Just found this out, completely in shock despite knowing it was coming. R.I.P Sir Bobby.
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