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  1. Sounds painfully like Newcastle at the minute for me! Buy low,sell high! Fuck the fans.
  2. Twitter talk is West Brom have come in & agreed the wages NUFC wouldn't
  3. Is that the team or just who you'd pick Vivid? thats the team, id quite happily never see Perch in black n white ever again. It was posted on Twitter by Scott Wilson from the echo & by the journal at the same time.
  4. Krul Perch Colo Tayls Simpson Routledge Barton Tiote Jonas Smith Carroll
  5. Scott Wilson on his Twitter just tweeted that he's been sacked. here we go again......
  6. http://worldfootball.us/channel1.html Not the greatest but it works.
  7. May I have please & thank you very much
  8. Skunk Anansie on the 25th of this month. Terrorvision in February. Foo Fighters in July.
  9. I texted the same thing to a mate & mentioned it on Twitter. For the first time in a fair while im as proud as any Geordie to be supporting this club. Champions league next season it is then!
  10. Mines playing. Keep trying it as it took a few minutes into the match for me to get anything.
  11. Go here. Click on the top link & install sopcast if you don't already have it.
  12. Just do this you tits, much better quality than the websites. What he said. The picture is awesome quality. Commentary is foreign but who gives a fook
  13. No probs mate Don't suppose you have the PM everyones going on about? The curiosity is burning a hole now
  14. Theres a lovely little button down the bottom of everyones profile on Facebook. Called the block & delete button
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