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  1. Reebok Stadium

    Did they point out to you that you cannot drink alcohol in those rooms on match days? They even empty the minibars. (Well, they did three or four years ago - it might have changed.) They won't stop you having a dump though.
  2. The Protests

  3. NUFC not for sale + Hughton awarded 18 month deal

    It's so crass it's just - awesome! I cannot believe what these muppets are putting you lot through. You couldn't make it up.
  4. Ebi Smolarek

    Sorry to piss on your bonfire but he's not at Bolton now because he was shite - and I mean truly shite. (I speak with authority, having witnessed a number of shite Bolton players amidst the gems in recent years.) I think you should go for him - big style.
  5. Sol Campbell?

    Comprehensively gash, from all accounts. Having said that, I believe it was his first competitive game since May.
  6. Sol Campbell?

    Do us a favour and fuckin' do one, Zorro Oooooh! Get her!
  7. Sol Campbell?

    He discovered he was fooked. Those Morecambe players pissing past him must have come as a bit of a shock. I must say, it does make some of the earlier posts in this thread look very comical.
  8. SKY

    Apart from when we play Blackburn Rovers on November 22. Or do you work to a different calendar than the rest of us? Just wondering like. Apologies for allowing facts to get between you and your prejudice.
  9. Shittu eyes Bolton exit

    Swap deal for Nolan.... as for the other - Wycombe Wanderers he is a complete donkey - wtf would we want him for esp as Kadar is cover for Taylor and Colo This - from one who knows!
  10. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    But the wheels fall off when you don't get the best players - or even "sort of alright" players either. That's your issue, guys.
  11. Thursdays Gossip Column

    What's a "top-end Championship club"?
  12. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    If Ashley were to ask me how he could possibly make your situation more desperate and comical than it already is then I would suggest appointing O'Leary as manager on a four-year contract. I would also urge caution, as you must all go over the edge at some point. That point is getting closer. Taking all inter-club rivalry to one side, you don't deserve this.
  13. Ginola: I want to manage Newcastle

    Be very wary of anybody who says "we" when they mean "I". Unless it's our own dear Queen, of course. God bless her.
  14. 4 million bid for Duff

    ... or Fulham.
  15. 4 million bid for Duff

    Lots of speculation around our forum that we might be the bidders. I think he's just past his sell-by date myself. Judging by most of the comments on here I might be right. We shall see.

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