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  1. I know this guy isnt exactly a football pundit, but he sums you up perfectly imo, thoughts? Link
  2. i would lure him into a trap with a Greggs Pasty, if thats good enough?
  3. Thats a decent team you lot have out there, i know its only one friendly, but they obviously couldnt give a fuck anymore.
  4. already have mate, just thought id share my views on here aswell. For someone who doesnt care, you just keep on postin!
  5. i hate to be telling you what to do in your own forum, but dont post then..................
  6. nah, a fan by the look of things, couldnt you tell?
  7. Arsenal Action They seem to feel they have missed out..... watch the vid and you will see why........
  8. Great signing imo, the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Real Madrid have been linked with him in the past. As for Whitehead, bout time he left!
  9. You have nothing constructive to post about your own club, so you post an attempt to take the piss out of Sunderland.......says it all really.
  10. Or you could choose the premiership team who are taking part in a tournament with quality european teams who have already sold tickets.
  11. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11678_5427994,00.html A nightmare for your team to arrange a freindly with only a few weeks notice you mean. Made me chuckle......
  12. If we were successful with the bid, would any of you come to Sunderland and the Stadium of Light to see England play in the world cup?
  13. You have: Link Includes a few comments from the messiah himself
  14. fair enough, just dont have a go mate. im not like any of the cunts of sunderland fans that you all seem to know. i was just pointing something out which i believe was true. It will embrace the north east, not just benefit our club, lets all hope we get it, then we can all celebrate as ENGLAND Fans!!! C'mon........ you must admit to being a wee bit embarrassed the sunlun bid uses pics of Newcastle? Where are the pics of Fawcett Street with its Stunning architecture, John Street with its .... erm..... struggling here mate ....... help me out. Oh aye, tell any of your less enlightened m
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