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  1. Coronavirus

    Or a pizza shop in Walker. (Gemmill wouldn't have went in it).
  2. Coronavirus

    My eldest daughter has just started working at a pharmacy. Don't. Even. Think. About. It. Wykiki.
  3. I'm worried about J69. I think a large spider keeps walking across his keyboard or phone.
  4. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    7/12 the modern ones stumped me more.
  5. Coronavirus

    Has anybody tried the phone? Usually works for me.
  6. Coronavirus

    I'd have been self isolating from day one if this was the criteria?
  7. What are you drinking?

    I'm drinking a couple of bottles of corona on my days off at best or not at all as I seem to have a lingering headache from a head cold. No temperature or coughs so online 111 says no covid 19 virus. I can't even get pissed.
  8. The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

    No limits. (In answer to MF's 2nd question).
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

  10. The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

  11. Coronavirus

    Can you get it by guzzling semen? (Asking for a Scottish political reporter)
  12. if you heard a joke today, post it

    (Rayvin incoming in five, four, three.....)
  13. if you heard a joke today, post it

    Ordered a Chinese takeaway and went to the door to collect it as you do and the fucking Chinese lad started screaming 'Isolate! Isolate!' I said, 'Chill oot Jackie, I only rang up for it 20 mins ago.'
  14. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    I'd just changed my daughter's nappy and was just finishing feeding her a bottle and she was just drifting to sleep and I was knackered. I was holding her with my left arm, silently screaming and clenching my right fist desperately trying not to wake her up in my silent celebrations.
  15. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    Once got talking to some bloke from another department with a mate and as I obviously didn't really know him my mate said off handedly, as the bloke walked away 'Thats such and such, canny lad, he's one of the Jackson five'. When I asked wtf he was was going on about he just explained that throughout the years five bloke's had all been with a married wife working there called Jackson. 'The Jackson five'.
  16. Rona Recommends

    It's probably for those with a bit more stamina.
  17. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

  18. Coronavirus

    A place I know, who are staying open but only for people who actually strike a bat, have decided to stagger starting times by department to help keep people apart. So now when people come in, some earlier, some slightly later, there's going to be other departments finishing and getting changed next to the incoming shift thus making things worse for distancing. >Insert the laurel and Hardy theme music I put on for toonraider2 here<
  19. Rona Recommends

    Get yourself along to sports direct. He's keeping it open to help the UK's fitness effort. #unsung hero.
  20. Coronavirus

    I love carpets, me.
  21. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

  22. Coronavirus

    This was on the government Twitter feed which has now been disabled. As clear as mud and contradicting Johnson's speech.
  23. Coronavirus

    In two months time: "Hello there, Boris here, in this unprecedented time with a global pandemic still being fought, with the nuclear fallout from ex-President and current inmate at San Jose death row, Donald Trump who accidentally pushed the red button thinking he was getting Fox news instead, through to the invasion of the killer tripod aliens and their attempt to farm humans for their dietary nourishment, I once again call on everyone to stay calm and at home. Non-essential manufacturing workers can use our new interactive map which highlights radio active fallout hotspots, Covid-19 hazard areas as well as alien blindspots where their antennas can't smell human prey to plan their journey to work. Thank you."
  24. Recommend me something to watch!

    Watched an hour or so of the maradona film. Absolutely superb so far and very amusing as well. The life he was living in Napoli would've driven anyone insane. Was interesting seeing him alongside his dad when he was in his 20s as he's the spitting dabs of his old man now.
  25. Coronavirus

    Me and the eldest daughter still at work. She's at a pharmacy and I'm, err, not. There'll be a zombie apocalypse coupled with a nuclear fallout and they'll still be asking if anyone wants any blob at my place.

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