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  1. There's no pubs in Daisy Hill but apart from that....good post.
  2. Takeover talk gets brought up by NUFC whenever they need a distraction. They can fuck off.
  3. I've a good couple years before I hit that target.
  4. If someone would be daft enough to pay me and I could jack my job and shifts in.....it would be a pleasure. 👍
  5. Well I'm booked in along with the missus in a couple of weeks time. Letter from North Tyneside council says I'm eligible, text today with the link to book from my doctor's telling me I'm eligible and to book but the actual website telling me I'm not unless I tick a wrong box which I have. Will have to wait and see if I get turned away?
  6. I'm laughing but FUCK YOU London!
  7. That'll boil a few of the right people's piss which is a bonus.
  8. Understood the club he served and realised it's potential, was a good footballing defender in an era where this wasn't necessarily a plus with everyone, his shuffle was loved by the crowd, was a good captain, a good care taker manager and decent manager showing up Souness for what he was. The players who were around and did good jobs when you were a bairn and teenager and you have a love of the game tend to be favourites and Glenn and the likes of Wharton, Anderson, Davey Mac, Peter Jackson etc will always be heroes to me despite not being as genuinely talented as the likes of Waddle, Beardsle
  9. Still got his autograph in a book he signed when I was a bairn. Wasn't a big fan of the old board apparently as a player. RIP.
  10. They never truly challenge a former pro as they want to be besties with the pro's. A professional presenter with experience could easily make a tit out of a pundit especially if they're relatively new.
  11. Look in the general random conversation thread.
  12. Everton win at Anfield for the first time in twenty odd years on Saturday. On Sunday.....
  13. Ahhhh, bless. Happy just to see old friends. ❤️
  14. Ok then, for old times sake..... No idea who he is?
  15. The last I remember Gouffran was 11?
  16. Well I finally got round to to googling tl;dr to see what it meant so Renton's post and A4 letters did have some use after all so many years later.
  17. What a fucking shit goal that 2nd was. It's funny how those type of goals go in a lot more often?
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