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  1. For a fanbase who likes to tell any fan of any other club they meet how much the 'Mags hound their managers out' they don't half err, hound their managers out.
  2. Meanwhile, in division three, Fleetwood equalise against the mackems. Cue the Fleetwood goal music.....
  3. It's ok at times but I'm not that impressed to be honest. (I'm hard to please, to be fair).
  4. We've had some really, really bad managers haven't we?
  5. Tom's bedsheets must be like plywood by now. 😉
  6. I've no idea either, lads and sorry about your losses. Tempted to say just turn up with a mask and play it by ear?
  7. In a touching tribute to the once devastated Argentinian icon who couldn't get the move to Roker he so longed for, in their first game after lockdown, Diego thousand MLF's going to Accrington Stanley. FTM.
  8. He was the greatest player I've seen. Impossible to compare different eras but imagine him playing alongside Iniesta etc under todays rules?
  9. I'll be paying fuck all to watch that shite.
  10. I've had a couple out and it wasn't that bad tbh. I remember a mate getting it done and his face ballooned out elephant man style. I suppose it's just a case of do you feel lucky? Well do you, punk?
  11. You don't see many flounces these days.
  12. Ibrahimovic might love himself but he's just scored yet again for Meelan at Napoli and it was a class header. They're top and it could be a good league to watch this year. Far more enjoyable a watch than that fucking shambles yesterday.
  13. Masterstroke by Ashley appointing Bruce. Everyone talking about how shite Bruce is, (unquestionably he is utterly mediocre), whereas under Rafa the focus was on him.
  14. I'm watching bein and half time is a Qatar promotion with a split arse in front of a stadium going back and forth with the two goons, Keys and Gray who thinks it's brilliant. You can even stay at one hotel throughout the tournament!
  15. Apparently I'm hearing that Joe Cole recons Bruce has steadied the ship and made us better defensively? 🤣
  16. Probably the most amusing thing you'll see concerning NUFC today.
  17. Great day out, that. Was surrounded by their fans walking along minding our own business as it kicked off 100 or so yards down the road. That was the EXACT time one of us thought it was a good time to shout out if anyone wanted a spare ticket for the Newcastle end as loads of cockney Danny Dyers* were bouncing on their toes running past us shouting 'FACKIN CAMMOAN!' *As the big lump who shouted it out was King Kong's big brother they strangely left us alone and carried on bouncing away from us.
  18. I'll try and get a stream at kick off. Expecting fuck all from us.
  19. 'Hello? Hello? I'd that News at ten? Hi, I'd like to report a story for your show tonight......Yep, another non-payer of restaurant bills.......remoaner, you say?......oh definitely. Probably ordered quinoa and lentils, lol.'
  20. Who the fuck watches that pile of shite, man?
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