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  1. Harper, Simpson, Enrique, S Taylor, Coloccini, Nolan, Smith, Guthrie, Jonas, Lovenkrands, Harewood According to Radio Newcastle
  2. James Harper out for them, their biggest threat imo.
  3. And as usual the NUFCTV radio link dosent fucking work
  4. Harewood, Guthrie and Lovenkrands are DOGSHIT, the fuck are they doing, Nolan is knackered
  5. Hmm NUFCTV commentary not working with my WMP.
  6. Premiership survival nowadays isnt because of the players although its a huge factor, otherwise wed have been nowhere near relegation if it was that, depends on the manager and team spirit. Take a look at Stoke, and most likely Burnley this year.
  7. This game just gets better. Colo has been immense
  8. "Pretty embarrassing if you're an Ipswich player... or an Ipswich manager." LOL Shearer rubbing it in
  9. Harper Saylor Collo Khiz Enrique Geremi Smith Nolan - Guthrie and Barton are out. Lovenkrands Carroll Ranger Subs: Harewood, Lua Lua, Krul, Raylor, Butt, Some other fella and/or another. 4-3-3 Might as well try it out, although the CCC is basically all 4-4-2 every single CCC team plays 4-4-2, Get Harewood and Lua Lua late on as impact subs.
  10. Real Madrid and Inter Milan for me.
  11. A insider source close to a source to another source to Mike Ashley
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