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  1. I listened to the whole interview yesterday and it is well worth taking the time to hear You can get it off the BBC website here Barton came across as someone who has thought seriously about his problems, understood them and faced up to them. His tips for that day's racing were shit though
  2. If I may digress on drugs generally... The Chinese have adopted one (but in my view the worse) of the two viable options. We prevaricate between them and so achieve nothing. Option 1 - you have a genuine "war on drugs" which means you crack down on possession and use. There's no point just going after dealers, so long as the market's there and the profits are astronomical, new dealers will come forward to take the place of those you lock up. So what's necessary is to make the use of drugs prohibitively risky - it's too late to engender a culture of intolerance, too much of the populati
  3. Aye it was dreadful And against Sheffield too I don't actually remember seeing one goal kick end up in toon possession
  4. If you go to another country, you accept their laws I'm not going to mourn the death of a drug dealer
  5. I predict there will be an announcement tomorrow Possibly
  6. Is that actually possible? ... Of course. You have to pay Prostitutes to fuck you, student girls will do it if you buy them a Vodka Lime and Lemonade. Ah. So when you said "cheaper and easier" you actually meant "cheaper and cheaper" A bit tautologous, don't you think?
  7. Sam Smiths makes me fart Although I should add that it's a well known fact that there is no decent beer whatsoever anywhere south of Yorkshire
  8. Not that I've been on this board long enough to know anyone yet But I am meeting a couple of mates for a piss-up in Leeds on Sunday and to watch the match Our plan is to meet at 11.30, drink a lot, eat nothing, and fall over repeatedly. I don't see how it can go wrong
  9. Can't stand Paul McCartney like, he's the living embodiment of smug. Although to be fair, he probably does a have a lot to be smug about Pity that ex-wife of his didn't sting him for more of his cash though If ever two people were made for each other...
  10. I fucking hate the Beatles Scouse twats
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