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  1. Who made the first goal...mmmm...???
  2. Having been daft enough to think the first 3 months offered a big opportunity to accumulate a decent amount of points, I am definitely rueing my optimism. August - poor, September - disaster, and now October looms with the 2 tough away games - Spurs is the other one, plus a must win v Leicester, who haven't proved to be the pushovers everyone first thought. Mind the Palace result brought them right down to earth. November looks pretty reasonable - Liverpool and QPR home, with WBA and WHU away, but all four could be lost just as easily as they could be won. IF IF IF, 10 points haven
  3. Never ever been a fan of his, and can't believe he's till here after 3 poor seasons, BUT, he looked lively on Monday night and imho, he HAS to play at SWANSEA in place of Cabella who looks like a rabbit in headlights. Keep same back 5 lads, though Janmatt's defending is worse than Santones {first rule for a fullback, never let your winger get a cross in}, then go OBertan, Tiote, Colback, Sissoko, Cisse and Armstrong. Sit back at Swansea and die, ATTACK and succeed. Obertan can definitely have the beating of Neil Taylor so he will surely be given a chance and then a uun of half a do
  4. It is going to take a huge about turn by Ashley if any of the multi millionaires like Pulis, Moyes, Laudrup, Hoddle, Sherwood, Lennon and even Curbishley [how long has been out of football now ? } are to be attracted to SJP. Is he they type of guy to do that is the question ??????? Normally my answer would be NO but, IF he is panicking about losing out on the big money in the PL {the parachute payments are big now but nothing compared to the real deal of having PL status} which he will eventually be, then perhaps Pulis and Moyes do genuinely have a chance ??? That would then mean t
  5. Does anyone think TIOTE will be much of a miss ?? Brilliant first season, dipped a bit second season and then been in and out form wise imho. Who to replace him ? Bigiramana ? Or outsider - doubt Ashley will give the £10m to Moyes etc to spend ???
  6. got a sneaky feeling for a draw - they aren't owt like the team of last season - Bony's spat his dummy out not getting a move and looks half the player he was - Gomis is getting infront of him now. The pace of Dyer and Routledge is the worry added to Janmatt's diabolical defending.
  7. Taylor will be back in on Saturday - mind having seen Hernandez last night, it could be a torrid afternoon for him.
  8. a weird but amusing analogy thanks !!!! Got to disagree - Pardew presumably tells Carr what positions he is looking to fill. Carr then recommends players to Charnley who then mulls it over with Ashley, who then tells Pardew who he is getting for the position{s} he asked them to fill. I would doubt VERY MUCH if Pardew is allowed to say '' sorry lads I don't want him''. He'll probably just be glad there's a body coming in !!! IF those players then prove to be 2nd rate, is it then Pardew's fault for bad coaching ?? Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cabella was so highly rated, no one else was afte
  9. the dog would be more useful based on what I've seen so far - early days, but looks shit to me.
  10. as I've asked before, explain the top 5 finish then - was his coaching not good then or was it all pure luck ??? everyone shouting for Laudrup, Pulis and Bruce - when did they ever get a top 5 finish ? How often did Moyes achieve that ??
  11. So how do you explain the top 5 finish ?? Pardew had had the rug pulled from under him every season he has been here beginning with Carroll and ending {so far} with Mbiwa, with the likes of BA and CABAYE in between. He has bent over backwards with HBA to no avail {look at his past record with managers} and he is getting a ludicrous amount of stick for that. Injuries havent helped either - Colocinni has had long spells out for the last 3 seasons and he is key as the other 2 planks just aren't up to it.Mbiwa was probably shipped out to save 30k on the wage bill and we just dont know if Carr r
  12. Given that PULIS walked out on Palace due to lack of control over transfers, would he really be able to work with Ashley ? Like Moyes, Laudrup and Hoddle, he is a very wealthy bloke, knows his value, and doesnt need to take a job where the shit is going to be flying at least 50% of the time. Bruce is probably in that category too, only he isnt very good.
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