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  1. When I first saw the photo, I thought we'd signed Don Cheadle!
  2. Cheers Ant, no biggie if its a bit of a mission, but you don't know if you don't ask
  3. jimthemuss

    Country Field

    Hi Team, I'm attempting to be a little more active and have updated my profile info. Just wondering how difficult it is to add good old New Zealand into the Country field?? The closest available option is Australia and that just won't do!
  4. Not sure if this has been done already, but pretty cool none the less!
  5. Once Were Warriors Kiwi movie about one mans self destruction, but also the ability of his family to move forward regardless. Tough watching at times, 18 years old and very well known here, although not sure how much so in the UK.
  6. Met Gary Lineker when I was a young fella, got my photo with him signing a football in the front page of the sports section in rugby mad Rotorua! Had no idea who he was at the time, but was keen as on the free football.
  7. Welcome! Cheers mate, will post progress updates if/when i get one over her!
  8. Real Name: Jim Age: 32 Birthplace: Christchurch, New Zealand Whereabouts: Christchurch, New Zealand Job: Software Admin Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Newcastle, Wellington Phoenix Favourite Band: Shihad Favourite Food: Boilup Favourite Drink: Kava (when available), Speights, pride of the south otherwise Favourite Place: Lake Benmore, Twizel (google it) Favourite Tv Show(s): Big Bang Theory, 2 1/2 men. Favourite Film: Once were Warriors Footballing Heroes: Shearer Footballing Villains: De Jong Other Teams: Wellington Phoenix Other Sports: Rugby League & Union Role Model
  9. T'was more help than you were, but I'm holding out for more... Cheers tho!
  10. Hi Guys, After a long Premiership season, I find myself leading a results prediction game here in my home country of good ole New Zealand and to be honest, am cackin my pants!! Was hoping some of the knowledgeable souls found perusing this site, may be willing to offer their thoughts on the final day fixtures. Choices are home side by 1, home side by 2+, Draw, Away side by 1, away side by 2+. Scoring is 8 points for draw 5 points for picking the winning side or 8 points for winning side with the right margin. My lead is 2 points hence the apprehension!! I am very keen on the framed
  11. Nothing better than arriving for work, 8.30AM on a Tuesday, for live Toon match updates on the work PC. Toon 3 - 1, Nolan, Jonas and the Pancake to nick one late!!
  12. To be fair, we are greatly Rugby orientated over here. However, on saturday Westpac Stadium (By rights a Rugby ground) was filled to capacity with the football public of New Zealand. an additional 500 seats were added a fortnight before the game to meet demand. Rather than the usual muted, mundane atmosphere that is created from an All Black game wheere we are expecteded to win easily, we got a robust, electric atmosphere of fanatics. With ten minutes to go, the majority of the 36,000 crowd removed their shirts and waved them above their head until the conclusion of the game. (Not the wome
  13. Ryan Nelsen better not get it, we need him for our worls cup play off November 14 against Bahrain!!
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