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  1. Week in week out against dog shite defences. If we get promoted and Beckford is our choice striker there is NO way he will cope against the likes of Terry, Cech, Given etc Simples! Totally agree, he'll be good in CCC but in premiership he'll be a sub more often than not...
  2. I'll tell you, Beckford is shite when it comes to ball control, holding the ball up and reading the game...Oh and usually his attitude stinks... But two things he has got is pace and knows how to finish, out of 5 chances he'll bag one for certain... Just thought i'd give you a heads up from someone who watches him week in week out.
  3. The latest I heard, is that a consortium from the U.S. is coming in for you lot, if they aint successful in reaching Ashley's asking price they are coming for us.. from a reputable source i was told they offered 75 mil for you lot which was turned down....they were ex diamond dealers in the U.S. sorry if already posted.
  4. At least he got to say goodbye to his beloved fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut1IbwGWcqI
  5. right got to go chaps, got a train to catch and one or two beers to have, see you all tonight.
  6. Interesting you hear this just after wor Kets has offered to kick your hoardings in. Sorry i'll go and edit one of my older posts.
  7. Just heard on wireless it could be called off tonight due to constant heavy rain?
  8. I'm going. Bring your firm's top boys along and i'll bring the Toontastic massive and we'll have a right proper tear up. You know where the Life Centre is? Meet us there at 7pm. There's Magma, the only thing more cutting than his rapier wit is the Stanley knife he packs with him to every meet, then there's Wacky, he may only be 3 foot tall but his Glasgow kiss to the cock will turn you into a jaffa. You have to watch out for Rob W too, he was in the front line at Agincourt so he knows how to use a bow and arrow. I'm not even going to mention Kid Dynamite. Now now, football is a game
  9. We'll see tonight wont we ? Or at least around 5k of us lot will, since your wonderful owner has opened a cash turnstile. Do you get promoted if you win tonight like? Nah we just get to laugh even louder with everyone else in the UK at Newcastle United.
  10. We don't dream about it, it's happening... We do we get fined 15 more points than normal even before we go into administration then? See above, the decline is on...
  11. We'll see tonight wont we ? Or at least around 5k of us lot will, since your wonderful owner has opened a cash turnstile.
  12. Aint Hartlepool won more than you lot ? Are you a retard? Have a look who's won more between Newcastle and Leeds before you take the piss Last 50 years ?? Oh a FA cup win in 55... 54 years ago..... And who can forget the Intertoto in 06.... A big club debate between a championship club in the decline and a team that can't get out of league one doesn't really work mate. I was just suggesting you do your research Were happy in League 1. £10 away tickets, terracing... Happy Days. You can stay there for all I care. Im sure we may bump into you
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