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  1. Very late to this but my first though as i skimmed through was that, atmospheric pressure is caused by the weight of air. Weight of anything is due to the force of gravity acting upon it. A thing has no weight without gravity, shilrey?
  2. I also think he likes us to get the ball to the strikers quickly, to turn the opposition around. Nothing wrong with that ethos. I think the problem is though is that players coming into the club are probably more suited to posession football. Moving it around and probing for for a weakness. Both 'philosophys' have virtues and vices. Just looks like we're having a battle of styles at the mo, the manager has a clear idea on what he wants but too many of the players don't share that as a natural instinct.
  3. Personally, i don't think he'll make it at this level (Ferguson).
  4. Site of The Thing (probably...) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Vostok
  5. Here's the answer to the Aphid/Ant thing: An intimate, symbiotic relationship exists between ants and aphids. They are often compared to cattle, with the ants acting as protectors and ranchers. What aphids have that ants want is something called honeydew, a sweet substance that is excreted by aphids through their anus and contains surplus sugar from the aphid's diet. Ants protect aphid eggs during the winter, and carry the newly hatched aphids to new host plants, where the aphids feed on the leaves and the ants get a supply of honeydew.
  6. I planted a Clematis Avalanche in February and it's absolutely taken off! Started to get a little infestation of Aphids so i cut the leaves away where they were and it's just staring growing again at an incredible rate. Really happy with it! Didn't flower this time though, maybe next year. Put a Chocolate Vine at the front of the house, was well slow for a while but my Mam came over and said i wasn't watering it enough. It's been doing well since it gets a regular drink. Funny thing is, it's got these little Aphid like things too but there seems to a colony of Ants looking afte
  7. Think they were just both to bring on a pair of fresh legs. I did notice that Ireland seemed to stay close to Carrick which seemed to force Man U to play it long from the back. In that way i thought it wasn't a bad move tactically. I suppose Pardew was thinking about holding on to the point by that stage.
  8. Sorry to gatecrash. If someone's new to Sonic Youth then i'd say Daydream Nation, Dirty and The Eternal are good to start. I know Washing Machine is good, but, DDN and Dirty really were them at their best imo. The Eternal is very good too i think. Surprised me.
  9. Yeah, sure. Oil is a means to an end though. I read an arguement that the US doesn't need the oil itself but that it seeks to control the supply/price of it to it's competitors. Namely Europe.
  10. Monsanto whould be closed down......they are evil incarnate Maybe but I'm all for GM personally. Can't stop progress. really? do you think they should be allowed to fiddle with the reproductive portions of seeds? right now they sell sterile seeds so that farmer have to buy more the next year....bullshit in my opinion. GM for the betterment of mankind i can get behind, GM for the sole purpose of making money and at the risk of future generations of plants is irresponsible and exactly whats wrong with society as a whole. That's what I said. which? for profit? or f
  11. They were in Pakistan in 2007. That doesn't account for a forty fold increase in bombing attacks since then. At that time there were named targets for the majority of covert attacks. They sometimes even managed to hit those target along with the innocent bystanders which at least gave it some arguable justification. Of the 11 attacks in January, only 2 specific targets have been named and none are confirmed as hit. Bush put more thought into his bombing than Obama. Rather than acting on good intelligence to target valuable militants, Obama is leaning towards blanket bombing larg
  12. Apologies if mentioned before but RATM are signed to Epic who are owned by Sony BMG. Simon Cowell's record label is also owned (or part owned) by Sony BMG. Might explain his comments. Edit: I see this has been covered, humble apologies.
  13. Haven't bought much this year but Eternal by Sonic Youth was a good find.
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