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  1. heard it all before???

    *from skysportsnews* Newcastle United have confirmed they have received an offer matching owner Mike Ashley's asking price. The ongoing saga of Ashley's proposed sale of the club has reached a new height with talks said to be "at sale and purchase stage." The Magpies have not named the potential buyer but it is strongly believed to be Barry Moat, who has been linked with the club for some time despite concerns over his ability to finance a takeover. The club issued a statement reading: "The £100m asking price has been matched, however, we are still in negotiations and all parties involved are at sale and purchase stage." Complications continue to surround the club's £39million overdraft facility, of which owner Ashley is in the process of negotiating a reduced figure in the region of £25million. However, Newcastle's on-the-field success in the Championship this season has reignited interest in the club which has prompted Moat to step up his pursuit of ownership.
  2. heard it all before???

    copy and paste the fucker!!!
  3. heard it all before???

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11688_5569366,00.html what do you guy's think?? *sorry link doesnt work!
  4. Adidas ditching The Toon

    if you did mate in weren't me!
  5. Adidas ditching The Toon

    Alright people this is my first post on here so I thought this would be a good thread to start! had some spare time and made up this 'new toon kit' opinions/suggestions welcome!!!

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