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  1. Agreed, there's not a word in the world that could get my back up. I'd rather be called a cunt by someone than a mug. I've never really thought that mug was offensive i'd rather be called a mug than a cunt tbh.
  2. Can't really blame the manager for that when most of the players really didn't give a shit.
  3. Can't really say that when he's only had 8 games in charge of a club
  4. Full Name: Lucas Pezzini Leiva Born: Fri 09th January 1987 in Dourados, Brazil Bought: 01st July 2007 from Gremio Transfer Fee: £6500000 10/11 Appearances: 45 (4 from bench) 10/11 Goals: 1 10/11 Assists: 4 Minutes on pitch: 3673 mins Minutes per goal: 3673 mins Aye he's class
  5. Just an opinion mate. I reckon he's shite and aye I don't watch football i've probably watched more football than you've had hot dinners man you mong.
  6. Yet you lost to Blackpool, West Ham and West Brom! I know we lost twice to Blackpool as well. But next season we got the best forwards in the league. With the form we been showing at the end of the league (To late I know but thats fucking Roys fault) we can win the league Ant and Dec mother fuckers! Not when you've got shite like Lucas in your team.
  7. I'm aware of that, but as i said lualua mainly played on the right in the reserves, so i'd say that's his "best position" same way Jonas is supposed to play on the right and always did before arriving here, maybe if he did he was back out on the right he'd cut back less and have more time to put in a better cross rather than a pass to whatever defender is infront of him at the time. edit > on a side note since you mentioned Robben, another example, can he play on the opposite side? yes, is he better there than his actually side, no. Why does he play there? because they've got Ribery and
  8. I think Haye will probably beat him with him being the faster, younger and hungrier out of the two. Haye is boring and predictable in the build up to the fight it all seems to be the same shite he was coming out with before the Audley Harrison fight. It seems he's trying to be a character by trying to take the piss out of Wladimir but he doesn't seem to be bothered by him. Hope Klitschko puts an end to Haye so that I don't have to listen to any more of his shite.
  9. Maybe he is a right footed player but that doesn't mean that he isn't a left winger its not as if its uncommon for a right footed player on the left or the other way round like Robben, he might be more comfortable cutting inside from the left and having a shot on goal with his right
  10. You having a laugh Lukaku would never come here He'll be playing for one of the top four if he ever comes to the PL.
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