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  1. It's a long shot, but if anyone's got a spare for the match, I can meet pretty much anywhere around Manchester in the run up to kick off. PM me.
  2. It's a good job he wasn't sent off there, given that the initial yellow card was an absolute joke.
  3. I'm starting to think Colo's got Stoke to score more than six goals on his football coupon today.
  4. This isn't just a reaction to a bad run, it's commentary on a ridiculous situation at our club. We're owned by an absolute fucking knobhead who sells our best player, deliberately on the last day of the transfer window, knowing that the funds can't then be spent on new players. He knows that, when it's not available in the summer, he'll be able to defend himself and pocket the cash. Meanwhile, we'll narrowly avoid the drop at absolute best...and if we're lucky enough to be watching Premier League football next season - and with any sort of squad - we won't even be able to stand and
  5. I'm praying you're right. It fucks me off how it takes us to go 3-0 down before we start passing it about. Good noise from the away end though.
  6. Agreed. He got the job because he's a dead ringer for Llambas...a brown noser of Ashley. Can you imagine Ferguson or any other manager being happy at losing Carroll with no time to replace him? Afterall, it's Pardew who gets the shit for not being able to assemble any kind of strike force for half a season. Where are the points going to come from? We're going down. Mark my words.
  7. 2 weeks? Try two months until we're able to spend some money on actually assemblying a squad. Even if you put to one side our abysmal defence...have we ever looked like scoring today? Ameobi is fucking horrific.
  8. Yeah, that would sort everything out wouldn't it? It wouled be a huge step in the right direction: We sold arguably our best player on the last day of the transfer window, giving us no time to spend the spols. Today, we've seen our left back go off injured and replaced with a young lad whose defending for the first goal was shocking (along with Colocini's). Our depth is just not good enough...even Blackpool have better depth than us. We need to new owners, leading eventually to a powerful fan-owned club.
  9. A woeful defence. But that's what you get when you have no depth whatsoever. ...and that's what you get when your owner refuses to make transfer funds available and refuses to sell to someone who does.
  10. as good as it gets for us at the moment really. Hopefully he's learned his lesson and actually plays Lovenkrands up front instead of on the right wing. I wouldn't be surprised if we play him wide right and move him inside later on. I'm also in need of a decent river
  11. ..even though we could've taken more tickets if Blackburn had've given us a sale or return deal.
  12. Just read nufc.com on this and I'm fucking fuming. This has Ashley written all over it. I can just imagine the cunt talking it over with his rent boy lover LLambas. "Let's teach those fuckers a lesson by making them sit down on their own...and it will mean noone can sing nasty things about us." In reality, it will mean people who are 50/50 about football just won't go anymore...and the 46k average attendance will suddenly turn into 36k. Ashley is the poorest businessman I have ever fucking known. NUST have to step up and sort this mess out.
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