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  1. Sammy Ameobi tweeted 'The new home kit is really decent #retro'
  2. A guy made these for his fifa on pc, he posted the picture on newcastle-online
  3. sorry to see him go, but wish him all the (best) he was never gonna be a starter
  4. still nothing about our home shirt,if its that one thts leaked i like it, just wish the club would come out and show us lol
  5. laughing away to myself about this,
  6. been thinking about getting the euro add on, but is it worth it?
  7. one of my fav players loved him
  8. ppl are sayin orange lol
  9. he has missed 2 games. we should drop him lol
  10. Mr Lahey hasn't been on. which is y Ive not played my game
  11. Mr Lahey when do u wanna play our game????
  12. 4 the love of god plz dont let this b our new top, it's shocking
  13. best is good up front with ben arfa behind him, or u could try nolan there hes good
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