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  1. Beer

    *cough* *cough*
  2. Happy birthday Cat

    Happy birthday mother superior...
  3. Other games

    We can't be proper fans BTW. Our ex-goalkeeper is out for 3 months with a shoulder injury and no-one's bothered to mention it
  4. Tracksuit or Suit

    Should turn up to St James' on match day in a suit. As for training I really don't see what the point in turning up to training in anything but training gear is. On the way out obviously they can wear something else, but no point in putting on a suit for the sake of it. I'd be ok with them turning up and leaving in club training gear, I suppose. Long gone are the days the players used to drive to the ground and leave their cars in the car park. Miss those mass huddles around a player with people trying to get autographs or free tickets as they made their way to the main entrance.
  5. Other games

    Tottenham now on the cusp of dropping out of the top 4. Chelsea win their game in hand over them and they've leap-frogged them. Also Spurs' goal difference is massively inferior to the other 4.
  6. Tracksuit or Suit

    Tailored suit and home-knit cardigan. God love Bob Paisley
  7. Tracksuit or Suit

    Pardew, Kinnear, Hodgson, Wenger... please take a bow. Anyone remember Willie McFaul's flasher mac?
  8. 12 games to go..

    I've gone for 4 points but even that I think would be a great result.
  9. 12 games to go..

    This is true, but when I look over the strikers we have I'm not particularly confident in their ability to score. They've done a decent job admittedly so far, but they haven't been convincing. It could dry up, or they could be spurred on.... Shola coming back will help. I'll admit you can't compare it to 2008/09 where we struggled to create chances let alone score. Not just the strikers though. Carroll obviously scored a fair few and Best has done well in the last month or so but Barton and, in particular, Nolan have weighed in with the goals this season. We have a decent midfield this season which is the core reason for why we're not in a relegation battle. In 08/09 the midfield was absolutely fucking wank.
  10. Inherently Moral Stokoeshop Thread

    An imposter..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-12524755
  11. Would you settle for being an Everton?

    For Chelsea see Spurs and you can say the same about Chris Waddle. And he's a bellend too.
  12. Carlton Cole

    Spurs have first dibs on him. And given that none of their strikers seem in favour I can't imagine them passing up the opportunity.
  13. Would you settle for being an Everton?

    Cascarino is a monumental bellend though.
  14. José Enrique

    Well you can safely count Villa out, that leaves the dippers.... New contract just means he'll be sold for a better amount tbh. Aye, I'm beginning to think that one of our lot signing a new contract signifies and impending departure rather than assurances that they'll be staying put. Long contract = larger sale price.
  15. Would you settle for being an Everton?

    Just because we never replied to his thread, we're obsessed with Spurs - I can't understand the logic. I had my thoughts about SBR on Friday just like the majority of people on here would have done, but I didn't find the need to raise a thread because of it - wasn't even a 'special' birthday unlike KK with his 60th. Don't remember us raising one a couple of years ago for what would have been Wor Jackie's 85th. It's the kind of thing we ridicule the scousers for!

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