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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/t...ool/8989579.stm
  2. Aye, they did. They were also reporting that Reading were 1 up against Boro during the entire first half.
  3. Ticker on SS1 said Gutierrez, Viduka, Martins are all subs, the front six are the same as two weeks ago. Didn't catch the 4 defenders, but I reckon they're the same as well.
  4. Never played in Spain. He had one season with Barca, scored once (per Wiki).
  5. Giuseppe Rossi, Jon Dahl Tomasson
  6. marci

    FA Cup

    Fog descending again, fingers crossed.
  7. Fuck off graham poll.. "from his angle" If he doesn't see it properly, why the hell does he awards a pen, changing the match entirely.
  8. Was taking the piss, he was fine today.
  9. "Duff fronts his man." First time in a few years... Come on lads, get a point!!
  10. Geremi tried to control Duffs cross 4 yards from goal... Take it first time, genius.
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