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  1. No problem I had one for a while before upgrading to the Canon version which costs £600 more. Whilst the Canon is better I'd say unless shooting professionally the Tamron is more than good enough, and I actually used it for a few weddings and other jobs with plenty of success.
  2. Get yourself a Tamron A16 SP AF17-50mm zoom lens non VC, if it has the letters VC after it then it's a less good quality. VC stands for vibration control which is good to have but for what ever reason when they made that version it was crap. Also you don't need VC at that focal length. Costs between £200 & £250
  3. Not too shabby... I once tried doing this and struggled... best tip I can give you is a very fast shutter speed and using AI Servo (or the Nikon version) focussing to track the object as you pan
  4. Neither are for a Canon body so no they aren't any good. When you say 'wide angle' what exactly are you wanting to shoot? Wide angle zooms can be purchased like the 18-50mm Tamron or Canon which are great all purpose lenses... anything wider and you're looking at a fish eye lens really and they are for more specialist stuff
  5. Not keen on the dog pics tbh... well other than it being extremely cute. They look under exposed and there blade of grass in front of the face isn't doing the pics any favours. Moon pic is ok apart from being DEAD centre... if you'd put it on the top right 3rd it would probs look pretty cool
  6. More of a spiral, where each revolution takes you either higher or lower depending if your a dimensionally ascending or regressing within the same sphere of reality.
  7. It wasn't a dream mate...
  8. Came across Jamie N Commons on Spotify about 6 months or so ago via a recommended artist for James Vincent McMorrow or Ben Howard I think... anyway he had an EP out and it was pretty damn good, and now he's got a few more songs on Spotify too. No album release date yet that I can see but if you have spotify and like Ben Howard or similar then 100% check out his stuff. I reckon this guy is going to be massive!
  9. Watched 'The Candidate' last night which is a Will Ferrell comedy... pretty much standard Will Ferrell fare tbh but made me laugh a fair few times. Had never heard of it so was expecting it to be shit, which it kind of was but funny at the same time
  10. I will add this to my Love Film list based on your review
  11. I disagree with this a bit tbh... I felt it sounded odd as his voice isn't quite the same as it was before, and it sounded over produced and too 'film' like. Also felt there wasn't enough banter in it like usually there is in the tv program with the geordie guy. Some genuingly laugh out loud moments but I didn't think it felt like the TV program and lost some of its appeal as a result. Still good but not as good as I had hoped
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