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  1. Both Kiln and brinkburn brewery are good down the ouseburn. Cookhouse also nearby.
  2. First angle in motd showed it to be almost perfect, ball was dipping and he was on it, fella just nipped it first.
  3. There’s a bloke lives somewhere close to me who’s the spitting dabs of charnley. feel sorry for the lad as I bet he’s sound, but can’t help look at him with suspicion/contempt every time he passes. imagine being him, eh?
  4. I once waited to greet Peter Beardsley at some event, and when he appeared out the lift I walked over, offered my hand, and said “hello I’m Peter Beardsley”
  5. This is good to read. My mother bought me and the mrs tickets for it, and I was anticipating a long night. He also commissioned an impressive picture of the area which was up at the Laing a while ago. huge arial image of the Tyne from Walker to wide open pretty much, with little family anecdotes here and there...I think. i haven’t done it justice, to be fair.
  6. Would be like the Battle of Britain but with ftm banners attached
  7. Innit standard characters of any five a side set up I guess. The lad who only ever plays upfront constantly blasting it. the kid who had trials but fell short. the Scott sellars the lad who can’t play at all and you wonder why he does it to him self week after week the cattermole etc
  8. Played football with the lad for a while. Five aside. Absolute crackerjack and no mistake. you’d be knocking the ball around a bit ‘warming up’ and pass it to him in goal, always in goal, and he’d keep the fucker for ages, practising his throw outs against the wall. Off the wall and back to himself a dozen or more times. This while the rest of us chat amongst ourselves.
  9. It was fun taking the lad through the strawberry trying to find the fella with tickets offered on here - he’d seen nowt like it. Found the bloke and he would only take 40 of the 60 odd face value, so the boy got a scarf hoyed into the bargain. Cheers Blackpool fan! ill have to take the boy more often. Second game and he’s on a 6 nowt aggregate. Loved the effort put in and a bizarrely thrilling relief to be excited about our flair at times. Predicted Kennedy to score so kid thinks I know about football. sat right next to away fans, all peaky blinder caps and “sack the cunt”.
  10. Nothing awkward at all about waiting with my 9yr old lad outside the ground for the tickets, nothing at all no sir.
  11. Cheers - will pm you my number.
  12. I’d be interested pool, let me know if they’re still about.
  13. “Where’s Algeria?” ”whey it cannit be far, they gan yem fo tha dinner”
  14. Why would you ask him anything other than ‘what will it take to get you to fuck off?’
  15. Was thinking last night that it could put an end to fuckers diving for pens completely. Loved how brave the ref was. This could make the game more honest. We’ll see better goals as a result of it - i love seeing a player get clipped a couple of times and go on to score, the way you’d see the likes of Ben arfa or Gascogne run, with nothing but a blind desire to score. the annoying thing for me is willian could’ve taken the extra step and shot, but has learned to dive instead for a pretty much nailed on penalty goal. we might also see better defending in terms of good honest tack
  16. Feeling positive about this either way. Assuming Rafa plays a reserve/youth team, we either win and see him hailed as the tactical genius he is......or we lose, sky, Twitter and the rest gan mental, resulting in a collective siege mentality within the team galvanising us to mid table safety. think I’d prefer the latter on balance.
  17. Yeah, know someone who worked closely with him who did say he can throw his toys out the pram now and again, and perhaps the flag thing was an overreaction, but I reckon he’s a well meaning fella. always struck me as a voice of reason and has never sought to draw attention to himself that much. id rather see him as some sort of fans ‘rep’ than, say, the likes of wraith. one o them innit
  18. Have noticed a fair bit of stick directed at him on here. Have to say I always enjoyed tf before it went digital, and have never seen him as an attention seeker/blagger/ dick particularly. Why the resentment?
  19. Always get the fear against this lot. Lived as a student in chorlton for a few years and watched many a game in the local surrounded by reds, fuckin cantona flags on the walls, pictures of Denis law behind the bar etc. Hope for a draw, fear a whoppin’ and subsequent panicked nonsense from fans.
  20. First games was keegan’s last, 3-1 against Brighton. I remember nothing except how fuckin massive keegans thighs looked when he ran past me, honestly shocked at the fuckin speed and power. Didnt see the nuts, monkey or otherwise.
  21. Second game for my 9yr old son. First was the 6 nowt against Preston. Will settle for the same again.
  22. Ace thanks - booked for a week next august. love the fact that the first time I get off my arse and post results in a CT pile on. this place has entertained me for fuckin years.
  23. Thanks for the Lakes advice gents - will look into your suggestions, ta.
  24. Where would you say best spots in lakes are with kids for a week or so?
  25. When I was a kid I asked my dad what it was as we passed in the car - he explained that it was a monument to people who had died in the war but because the people of Sunderland were so poor, they could never afford to put a roof on it. I believed that until I was in me mid twenties.
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