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  1. Carlos Queiroz for the West Ham job - just a hunch.
  2. It was a Hamleys. Not sure what it was before that. Might have been built for that actually. Nice one, It didnt last very long did it? Hamley's was there in 1990 I know that much, cos I remember it being there during the 1990 World Cup. I tell you how I remember, a ridiculous amount of kids from schools all over the city would descend on McDonalds on Northumberland Street during the World Cup, because they had these scratch cards, and I think it was no purchase necessary. You'd scratch the question at the top and they were piss easy for me, cos football was my life, "who was top s
  3. Christ I remember the pencils being absolutely massive but they seem tiny on that photo. I know everything seems bigger when you're a bairn but still, that photo is a big disappointment! Aye, messing around on them used to be the highlight of all those saturday afternoons in town, along with Fenwicks toy fair on the top floor and a vanilla ice cream from the Patio in the basement.
  4. Nah you must have me mixed up with someone - I dunno any Karl's. I'm just relaying what I've been told by a Scouse lad I play with - he's always well informed about Merseyside goings on. No doubt in my mind that it's true.
  5. This is a pity. For me the NRL is a great competition with loads of top quality players. I know there are loads of scandals in australian rugby league, but the competition is still worth watching. The Aussie team in the early to mid 2000s is one of the best sprts teams I,ve ever watched, and I reckon the State of Origin is the best spectacle in world rugby, including six nations and world cup union, and Andrew Johns is just one of the best sprtsmen I,ve ever seen (only on TV unfortunately).
  6. This is definitely true. He's been in court all week trying to gt an injunction out to stop the press publishing it. Been living in a hotel in Southport for a month after his wife booted him out when she found out. naughty boy...
  7. Looked deliberate to me as well. It is the most cowardly way to go into a tackle and very dangerous. Anyone can go into a tackle studs up - there is absolutely no risk to him and a very serious risk to the other player. Definitely worth more than 2 match ban cos it's a potential career ender.
  8. I'm going to Alberfera for the first week of the World Cup so I'll let you know....we did the same for the Euros a couple of years back and it was really good, little sign of real bother, just the usual drunken daftness, which continental types look down upon. Can't say I blame them, but its much the same attitiude as we have about the Poles etc...nothing new under the sun Oh I'm not saying there's owt wrong with the Brits who go to the Alrgarve - been there myself in fact. I just find it funny that they assume for some reason that the people there aren't representative of Brits as a
  9. Aye that's because we've won more wars for them than we have the French. That's definitely a part of it. England-Portugal is apparently the oldest inter-country allliance - something to do with conquering bits of Africa I think.
  10. From my experience, the Malaysian, Philipino and Indian upper classes have a strange reverence for us, and wish they could be as civilised as we must appear to be to them... Obviously the Yanks often have a soft spot for us and wish they could speak like Hugh Grant. Portuguese seem to think that we only send the dreggs of our society to the Algarve, and assume that most of the country are much better behaved, and hence give us a lot of respect. If only they knew...
  11. My brother has see him a few times and reckons he's got tons of ability. Potentially a real class creative player... If that's the case then there's no sense in selling him now - he's totally unproven so we'd likely not get much for him. We are supposed to be building - to do that you don't sell your most promising young player in years. If Ashley sells him for 1 or 2 million to a big club that has spotted his promise that will confirm for me that he's learned nowt and is still just trying to run the club like sports direct, with no ambition regarding league success. Having said all that, the
  12. Aye, never gave the ball away much on a shocking pitch, as you say. Lovely weight on that ball to Routledge for the second goal as well. The build up to the goal was lovely too. They didn't show it in the replays, but he was very tidy just before playing the 1-2 with Guthrie. Yep, great build up - probably my goal of the season.
  13. He was poor last year, and this year he's not done much in general play for long periods of a lot of matches... but midfielders with a goal scoring knack are few and far between. I think against the top teams next year he'll be anonymous - he just needs far more time on the ball than he'll get against those sides - but I'd like to think that he'll be able to weigh in with a fair few goals against the bottom half teams as he has done this year against Championship teams. That might be optimistic, but I can't see Hughton dropping him, so I reckon it'll be 4-5-1 with him, Barton (if fit/avail
  14. Aye, never gave the ball away much on a shocking pitch, as you say. Lovely weight on that ball to Routledge for the second goal as well.
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