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  1. From comedian Billy Birmingham aka The Twelfth Man - probably hasn't made it to your side of the world, but you should try to get your hands on one of his eight albums. Marvellous http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twelfth_Man
  2. That's Australian Gold my friend and don't you fucking forget it! Although that joke is going to be completely lost on you, isn't it? Superb!
  3. Aye, if those performances are enhanced, fuck knows what he'd be like bald. What's even more disturbing is that he has been an absolute star in our pitiful little league
  4. This has been pretty big in the news over here - the story goers that he knew it was on the banned list, applied for an exemption to use it and the application, which took some months to come through, was eventually granted. To suggest Stan the Man is a drug cheat is ludicrous - surely the authorities have bigger fish to fry? Weren't there a few Italian players busted using cocaine recently?
  5. The following article is from Brisbane's Courier-Mail - no link as I copied it out What must be kept in mind is that Queensland "coach" Frank Farina is a media whore, and also that while utterly incompetent, the former national coach has strong ties with his former charges... Sounds to me that far from choosing to come home to Australia Moore is deemed surplus to requirements and will be allowed to leave on a free. And to think they gave Bumble a new contract
  6. ...the fact that West Ham have not scored in nine successive away games in the Premiership - 888 minutes tbp. Exactly, Newcastle are always the fall guy in these situations! WHU will score tomorrow, i'm certain of it. Hope you're wrong. Btw, looks like they'll play with Harewood and Sheringham in attack. Zamora and Tevez isn't in the squad. Zamora is suspended and Tevez injured. West Ham view of things, see you tomorrow:- http://www.kumb.com/article.php?id=2295 Good read that You having a laugh? i've just printed it out and had the pleasure of a
  7. I have to say I've always been a huge Romario fan, but that vid highlighted why he failed so miserably in the diabolically poor Australian League - the searing pace he used to scorch past defenders has deserted him... And while he still has speed of thought and excellent technique it proved of little use to him in a fast and very physical league... Oh, and the small matter that virtually all of the goals on that vid were created by intelligent through balls wouldn't have helped him here - Australia has produced maybe two or three creative players in the last 20 years!
  8. To think Glenn made a new signing without it making the media! Anyone got a youtube we can watch on this new mystery man?
  9. That about sums it up for me - acceptance of mediocrity. I'd be astonished if I hadn't seen the clubs do so many other astonishing things...
  10. Any excuse to rag on the Aussies, eh Gemmill? Pity he's a New Zealander All the same to me, mate. They've just got a slightly worse accent. It appears I spoke in a piqued fit of parochialism - the incident happened in Australia but only came to light during the NZ leg... That being said, there's no need to lump us in with the Kiwis - we could always retort by calling the English Welshmen or Scots
  11. Aye, good for the Toon, but I'm shattered I won't be able to give him a farewell from the Socceroos Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face - replacing Craig Moore with Jade fucking North?!? Not happy Jan!
  12. You're just pissed off because they're not playing out in the West Whereas I'm delighted I get to see a full strength Australian team in Brisbane Besides, marking Roque Santa Cruz isn't exactly a light jog in the park...
  13. To extend your analogy, if your lemons are rotten, use them for compost ie play him in the reserves...
  14. We're NOT on telly here - Fox have chosen to go with Tottenham v Portsmouth - no excuse for missing v Everton or v Liverpool mind As for the "Luque factor" - while he will be doubtless be on the bench I hope to God that's where he remains for the whole 90 minutes...
  15. Spot on! Switch N'Zogbia and Duff. The Zog is no defender...
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